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  1. Price drop $1750 with Texas weapon systems dust cover. $1550 with just stock dust cover. Still opened to trades. No ARs. Looking for something different
  2. I saw your post. she sure is beautiful but I was looking for something a bit more simple.
  3. Looking for a nice 686, prefer 4" but would probably take a 6" as well. Wood grip would be a plus. Also looking for a newer Jericho but would consider a 941 as well
  4. Excellent condition arsenal SLR 95 ***Milled AK**** $2000 with everything pictured Opened to trades for bren 2, marlin 1895 SBL, FN ps90, DSA FAL, M1A ebr, tavor 7, Century PSL, s&w 686 4" or 6" trades are not necessarily even trades. if you have something to offer on trade, we can discuss details. made in bulgaria. comes with original thumbhole stock and the installed desert Fox buffer tube adapter and pinned magpul ctr stock. It is currently pinned using the aim sports magpul stock lock pin so the pin can be reversed. ALG AK trigger installed Comes with original dust cover and Texas weapon system gen 3 pic rail dust cover installed. Original polymer handguard and a khyber cheese grater is installed. Also has a tango down grip. Will come with 1 10rd P-mag. all numbers matching, all original parts. Put 50 rounds through to check fuction. im having trouble posting all the pics...heres a link to more pics. https://imgur.com/a/lUEnreZ feel free to text me any questions. i work late so you can text up to 1am three four seven, four ten, thirty two zero one located in bergen county. Can meet at my FFL or yours, just dont make me drive anywhere near AC...it wont end well for me Obviously must have valid FID and matching DL. Please be kosher. I have lurked around on this forum, but am active on the NJGUNS subreddit, same username, Also have +110 flair on reddit GAFS First to post "ill take it" gets it
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