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  1. Yeah I’m pretty set on this surefire combo, pricey but seems worth it.
  2. All your replies have been very helpful. Thank you very much folks. God Bless!
  3. I’m looking at a griffin right now, looks like the shield goes on with some other kind of mechanism that’s not threads.
  4. Now this looks like the way to go. Solves my issue and I can keep the pistol grip on. Thank you Mr. Stu.
  5. Linear, or a thread protector - for reduced concussive effect compared to a comp - my wife and kids would appreciate it over any recoil reduction (they handle recoil well, but my wife’s ears have always been painfully sensitive).
  6. Thank you siderman! Just what I’ve been imagining and not finding. It seems to fully satisfy the law. Have you ever used one yourself?
  7. My apologies for the long post. Hi everyone, it’s great to join you in this community as I venture into building my first AR here in Jersey. I’ve had many questions satisfied along the way, but one keeps me running in circles. Hopefully some of you can shed some light on this topic... For reference once again, here’s the law on what constitutes an assault rifle in NJ: A semi-automatic rifle that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least two of the following: (1) A folding or telescoping stock; (2) A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon; (3) A bayonet mount; (4) A flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor; and (5) A grenade launcher; Here’s my situation: Before our rifles with detachable magazines can be considered illegal, we are allowed 1 of these 5 features. All these features are listed together and are of equal legality as long as ONLY ONE is present on the rifle. With this in mind, I am working on an 18” precision build which I intend to use primarily at both, outdoor Pennsylvania ranges and indoor NJ ranges. I’d need to switch from a comp/brake to a linear comp when shooting indoors in NJ, so permanently affixing a muzzle device on my barrel wouldn’t be the best option. My buddy in PA would have a pistol grip I can install out there, this way I am not in possession of, nor travel with parts to create an assault weapon within NJ - keeping all within the law. So naturally, the question here is - keeping the threaded muzzle as the one legally present feature on my rifle, what can I install in the pistol grip portion of the rifle that would not be considered a pistol grip according to NJ law? The law defines a pistol grip as “a well defined handle, similar to that found on a handgun, that protrudes conspicuously below the action of the weapon, and which permits the firearm to be held and fired with one hand.” The one idea I have is to install a Sparrow Dynamics grip along with a Magpul fixed stock which makes it impossible to grasp with one hand - pictured below is the stock with the adapter for a sling plate, I’d keep the straight adapter on instead (see image w red arrow) which does not allow a notch for the possible slip of a thumb around the grip. And yes, I am willing to sacrifice my shooting comfort in NJ to enjoy real freedom in PA. Please let your wisdom and opinions rip fellas, and thank you in advance. God bless.
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