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  1. Hey all, My name is Mike, I am a life long Middlesex County, NJ resident who loved hunting back in my teenage years, but haven't done any in more than 30 years. While I have been to ranges and rented firearms many times since my teens, I didn't purchase my first firearm until about 3 years ago, and now just recently finished my first AR-308 build. I am post cataracts surgery, have some other eyesight issues, and find scope reticles hard to see, so I stick to red dot sights and "daylight bright" illuminated scopes. I believe in practicing and teaching gun safety and responsible gun ownership. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and learning from your personal experiences.
  2. Update: Seller sent new upper and the charging handle fit in it perfectly. Used a borescope to look at the charging handle channel in the upper receiver and it looks like it wasn't fully cut during the machining process. Now I just have to wait for NICS so I can pick up my lower and build it. Thanks to everyone for your input!
  3. Thanks for the offer. I borrowed a buddies charging handle this morning and it didn't fit in either, but mine fit in his M5. Definitely a manufacturing issue. Emailed the retailer I bought the upper from, they usually get back to emails within a hour or two. More than half a day has passed and crickets. If I don't hear from them by tomorrow morning I'll call Aero.
  4. Doing my first AR10/308 build, Aero Precision M5E1 upper and lower. Aero Precision Breach Ambi Large Charging Handle AR308/M5 (APRA700301C) won't fit when I try to install it. The tabs are too big to fit in the channels. I thought AP M5 was AP M5 and most AR10's had interchangable charging handles. It if were shorter I'd throw it in one of my AR15's. Thinking I might just go for a Radian Raptor Ambi, which part number should I order so I get the right one? Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. Sad to report that the locking mech on the Magpul CTR has changed (Not surprising) since the original posting nearly a decade ago. A 1/4" X 3/4" rod/dowel no longer fits in place of the spring. Just ordered some 3/16" X 3/4" dowels to see if they will work.
  6. 450rds GECO 115gr TMJ $260.00 Pick up 08852 South Brunswick, NJ copy of FID & matching NJ DL required. Payment via Cash, Zelle, or Venmo First person to post "I'll take it" and DM me gets this great deal.
  7. 1) 7 Boxes x 50rds (350rds) FIOCCHI 9mm 115gr FMJ 1200fps $200.00. 2) 7 Boxes x 50rds (350rds) FIOCCHI 9mm 115gr FMJ 1200fps $200.00. Feel free to make any reasonable offer via DM, will also trade for Federal, Fiocchi, etc., 124gr FMJ, TMJ, or TSJ. Pickup in South Brunswick Township (Monmouth Junction) 08852, Must have FID with matching NJ Drivers License. Payment in Cash, Zelle, or Venmo. First one to post "I'll take it" and DM me with their info gets this great deal Be sure to let me know if you want one or both sets of 7 boxes.
  8. This happened to me last summer. But I had the day off, it was raining, and I felt like being a pain in the a$$ so I called and complained about their stupidity. Ended up with a $20 gift card and a useless apology. Ordered the ammo boxes off of Amazon while I was on the phone with Wallyworld.
  9. Thank's for posting those laws and UPS rules for shipping ammo. I'm thinking about selling some spare 9mm, 223, & 12ga, on GunBroker and have been frustrated by all the multitude of state laws and requirements. I'm thinking if I avoid shipping to HI, AK, and CA, and require a copy of a state ID and firearms ID, I'll be okay. Am I forgetting anything?
  10. That falls into line with what I've been told with the Gock 15rd magazines. That even though the base plate is not epoxied, they are not "readily and easily" converted back to original capacity because the follower would have to be replaced in order for it to hold 15rds again. In theory, if I epoxy the spring to the Magblock limiter, then to convert the PMAG back to 30 from 10 I would have to replace the spring and the locking plate.
  11. Hi Everyone, Assumeing that under the text NJ law that the use of a rivet or epoxy = permenant. Then replacing the locking plate of a Magpul PMAG M3 30rd with a Magblock 10/30 limiter securing the bottom slide plate with a rivet or epoxy = legal. My question is; If we replace the PMAG locking plate with the Magblock limiter and epoxy the spring to the Magblock limiter, leaving the bottom slide plate free to open for cleaning the magazine, is this still "permanent"? I ask because I have seen Glock 15rd magazines limited with a Magblock 15/10 epoxied to the follower and the bottom plate left free so that the magazine can be opened for cleaning.
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