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  1. Thank you everyone, I have been to Howell, Worked at shore shot, and there are about five or more other places to buy but I am now going to Union Hill..A great place to shoot and buy. I live in the north jersey area now so down 9 and all is far. The hill has a lot of stock and crazy busy but they get everyone in. By the way you can call me Richy.
  2. Nothing, They had nothing, Sayreville sportsman. The place with the TROY has a good stock and good people.
  3. Yesterday I visited a local store that has been around for a long time, They had nothing in stock. needless to say I asked about getting a TROY other and the owner was very uptight about it. he said I'll never sell one due to the fact that there is a federal law in the works to stop the sale and any prior sales will be confiscated! I was not happy to hear this but this store has a very bad rep. So a little help here, I looked and saw nothing about this subject on line.
  4. Howdy, Have been looking for a Garand mini-14 or the like but no luck and the price has went from 800 to 1500 So I'm looking at the TROY other AR-4, have done a tone of research but have not bought it yet, I AM However, it's all they say it is. The stock is not pinned, it has a threaded barrel and can be easily accessorized. I found a dealer with about 20 in stock! Right here in Middlesex county. 1,200.00 and worth every penny. Look at the S-W or Ruger NO Good. Pinned stock and so on. Keep em down range.
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