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  1. Newbie here. I just got my FID last Dec 2020. I have Rock Island Armory 12ga pump and a 20ga pump (870 clone)
  2. 1. Application type (FID/permit w/ existing FID). - FID w/ 3 pistol permits 2. Police Department where you applied. - Jersey City PD 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD. - None that I can remember. It was a different person every time I was called in. 1-Appointment to come in and pay for permits; 2-Appointment to pick up FID & permits. 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit. - 74 days. Applied 9/29/2020. Picked up FID & Permits 12/11/2020 5. Documents required by the PD (aside from the standard application and the mental health release form). - Drivers License, and a piece of mail with my name and address on it. 6. Notes - anything pertaining to the application process (unforeseen difficulties, chief of police calling your home, you hiring an attorney, etc.). - None
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