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  1. This! i could not have said better myself. I can't even have the means to protect myself and my loved ones from criminals on the very property i sweat, blead and cried for? The same property that i pay exorbitant taxes for? I bring up the same question you do, at what point will people question their own compliance?
  2. How would the state enforce this? think about it! besides the fact that it clearly violates Heller in every possible way. I have no doubt NJ will pass these draconian laws, but enforcing in-home laws is another story.
  3. Why? Why would he? He has a carry permit you know! he's going to help us out? nah
  4. There trying to run us out of town, simple as that! Your deluding yourself if you think Sweeney will be our savior or if you thought all of the new NJ gun owners would have changed anything, it won't! These bills will pass in the next 60 days and we are looking at least 3 more waves before Murphy leaves office. He passes a wave of gun bills AT LEAST ANNUALLY.. There are able to pass laws faster than we can file lawsuits, it's really simple they throw 100 jabs while we can only throw 1 uppercut! The anjrpc and nj2as will be unable to stop this continued onslaught of bills aimed squarely at the legal NJ gun owner. There sending us a message COMPLY OR LEAVE THE STATE! The upcoming SCOTUS ruling will not affect any of the proposed bills. I try to ignore the people who say "you will never be able to carry NEVER" but, lately im thinking they may be right. NJ law enforcement have never been our friends and are actually the biggest threat to gun owners as they are the sole enforcers of these draconian laws. Think some LEO will take it easy on you when your FID expires! think again!
  5. Why...WHY DID YOU MOVE HERE, THIS HORID PLACE!!!!! UGH. Even California (outside LA) would have been better.
  6. I figured as much...regards SJG. Revenger makes a good point and we are of like minds. I have thought of the following already. 1. Buy ammo for training purposes. Ammo is the lifeline, don't stop buying ammo. 2. Get official training certs, but not now! NJ will say it has to be recent. I will wait 1 or 2 months before SCOTUS decision to get my training certs, we all know NJ will require it if "may issue" is struck down, which is likely. FYI, in Florida I had to undergo training for their carry permit. Training requirement is likely. 3. Update any and all personal documents (ID or otherwise) you may have as it may be part of the CCW process. 4. Be prepared for hysterics, howling, shrieking, handwringing, from those that want to keep us defenseless and easy prey for NJ's muggers. 5. Pick a firearm of your choice to qualify with, pick your favorite among your collection, one with the most proficiency. NJ may only let us carry the firearm we qualify with.
  7. When o when did Sweeney become a champion of 2a rights? Was I asleep when this happened? What insane gun control legislation did Sweeney prevent! Nothing! NOT A GODAMN THING! They wanted a magazine ban on 15 rounds and they got it! They wanted to ban so-called ghost guns and they got it! They wanted all that red-flaw law/TERPO crap passed and that got that too! At what point did Steve Sweeney become this great obstacle to Murphy's continued campaign against NJ's gun owners? We removed one of the most powerful Democrat elites in NJ, there is nothing "moronic" about that.
  8. Good now he can concede his carry permit too! It would be only fair! Ed Durr was denied a carry permit in New Jersey and his denial was the main reason he ran against good ol' Sweeney. If there is any justice in NJ Sweeney would have his carry permit taken from him in a public ceremony, ahh that's a ticket i would gladly pay for.
  9. Agreed, my in-laws are not liberal, i was just making a point regarding carry.
  10. These forums have become a magnet for a group of extremely jaded and negative people who believe there is no hope and that we will never get CCW. Frankly, it's getting hard to listen to them. I listened to the oral arguments and legal scholars who did their own review of the scotus case and i believe we face the following four scenarios: A. Court sides with NY and we have no chance in hell and as a nasty bonus it threatens states that currently have "shall issue". B. The court strikes down NYs law in favor of a "shall issue" regime, but may allow states to apply the "sensitive locales" doctrine. C. The court provides a broad ruling striking down "may issue" regimes and "sensitive locales" doctrine and replacing it with "shall issue" only. D. The court provides the broadest possible ruling striking down any and all permitting regimes. So, A is possible but, unlikely considering the make-up of the court and the questions asked by the conservative majority. If A would to occur, it would ruin any hopes of conceal carry in the 7 renegade states (NJ). Scenario A, i don't wanna think about! Realistically, scenario D is a wet dream and though i would love to see it happen I just can't see the court ruling so broadly. So, that leaves us with scenario B and C. For many of us, this will be the last major SCOTUS gun case in our lifetimes. Considering it takes SCOTUS 20 years to hear a gun case of this magnitude, this will likely be the last case of our lives. I believe we have a small sliver of hope in getting carry by 2022. Illinois and DC had their day, we may too!
  11. Sure it does. Can you carry in "Joisey" NO!! Can you carry in Florida? Yes!! Moving works real good, ask my in-laws!
  12. LOL yeah, this topic is kinda like hemorrhoids.... Many here have stated the following many times, if you are not justified in using deadly force it does not matter whether you load your gun with hornady critical defense or gold dots!!! I have said this before, YOU GAIN NO BROWNIE POINTS FROM THE PROSUCTOR OR THE NJ COURT SYSTEM BY USING NON-HOLLOW POINT AMMO FOR YOUR SELF DEFENSE NEEDS. YOU HAVE TO BE JUSTIFIED PERIOD! what would be justification? A sudden and violent self-defense encounter in your home where you fear immediate death or dismemberment for you and all other actors involved after you have warned the offender that you are armed and no other alternative is possible for your immediate survival. This rule is a general one that can be applied to many states including Texas!. This week a Texan was charged with murder for shooting someone that simply parked in his driveway. Think about that!
  13. Hardly a victory.....nor would i consider this a positive improvement. The fact that the state of NJ still requires an FID card and continues with an FID scheme in which many good people are abused by their local police departments shows we have a long way to go. People have died(Carol Bowne) because they waited for permission from the state to legally posses guns on the property they own. Highland Park Police Department is one of the biggest offenders.
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