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  1. Great point. That could be bad too I decided I’m not getting the EZ 9 because I’m too proud to do that as an able bodied 30 yr old. I’ll just have to stop treating my hands like they’re so delicate (wish me luck) and use some muscles. That way I’ll better equip myself with the ability to competently handle any given pistol rather than just my own. Plus, it occurred to me that my brother would say it was embarrassing and unnecessary of me, and he’d probably be right (lol). I’ll reserve the purchase for a more autumnal or disadvantaged season of my life.
  2. It’s safe but a bleaker future looms upon us by the day considering the very alarming and numerous legislation being entertained.
  3. Could I ship an extended magazine to myself in NJ from an out of state online retailer, assuming the retailer does not specify against it?
  4. Start being political, unapologetically... Our liberties literally necessitate it. Use duck duck go for political queries and supplement Fox with the hill (articles) breitbart (articles) Daily wire (articles and podcasts) and Charlie Kirk (podcasts). Sh*t’s bad out there right now (in our legislative & executive branches) beyond any reasonable imagination. Anyway, I’m glad I saw this, and pretty surprised no one else has commented. Thanks for sharing it. Tyrannical left is attempting a whole lot and excessive taxing on firearms might be one of their LESSER proposed evils (if you could believe that), so I worry Republicans could end up conceding here. Establishment dem’s strategy on policy is proving to be a reversal of under promise and over deliver, like over threaten and under achieve by design, ensuring the successful passage of legislation they know no one would’ve stood for had everyone not been distracted by all their most pressing, greater threats.
  5. Thanks I found them on Facebook and am getting notifications for their next event in April
  6. That is my concern and why I was wanting 10 round capacity... and figured I’d keep several magazines loaded on the side, just in case the cartel or government comes which replacer would you recommend for me to try, all things considered? I might just re-apply for the purchase permit once I try out several options but I’m getting concerned that it’s going to become increasingly difficult or illegal to obtain them in the upcoming months/years.
  7. LOL @ the shotgun... Ok... that makes sense. I did see online that the revolvers have high recoil. I’ll stick with semi automatic then and try out some revolvers if I do end up ever wanting something additional.
  8. my aunt was talking about getting herself at revolver with the same thought process but for some reason I hadn’t considered it. That’s not a half bad idea. I’ll definitely make sure I can try that before getting anything else. Thanks!
  9. I see. He did tell me to get center fire at the same time he said to not get a safety. I’m remembering now. You think the manual safety is advisable, even considering the grip safety that’s on the back? ive been to RSTP. I should call and see if they have that and *maybe* I can rent the 43 to test its recoil.
  10. A dozen power drills—Lmao! Omg! There’s one left in stock on that website. That is giving me anxiety! It’s a very good price too... a lot better than this Glock 43x, but I can’t believe I found it in FDE also in stock... https://palmettostatearmory.com/glock-43x-9mm-pistol-dark-earth-acg-00863.html I’m kinda dying inside not knowing what to do! I mean, I could get the Ruger cerakoted any color I want for the $200 price difference, although I probably wouldn’t. Someone on here thinks the Security will have too much recoil for liking :o( What do you think it is that makes the LC9S easier to rack? Do they always become easier to rack as they decrease in size?
  11. I see why you’re recommend this now. I didn’t realize what EZ refers to. While it looks a little unattractive (very masculine) to me, and I did want 10 rounds, I feel like this might be the smartest choice. Is it significantly more manageable than the 43x (even if I get that mag loader), or is the difference somewhat trivial in the grand scheme? I’m in parsippany, Morris county. Know of a place with low transfer fees?
  12. I did notice you wrote 43x and not 43 when I looked again. That sounds like a pretty solid option... Wait—I know the 12 isn’t legal but if I did order the P365 and it comes with two 10 mags AND one 12 extended mag—would the FFL I ship it to not let me have it?! Lol.
  13. I replied with laughter at the stimulus check remark. How come you want the security 9 compact if you also have the lc9s? I think I was looking into that one at one point and MAYBE read that it has more recoil, and that’s why I stopped looking at it. I can’t remember now, though, and it seems like a decent option again. LOL. where did you order your security 9 compact from?
  14. I looked into the 43, but saw that it has a 6+1 mag. I didn’t know about the 43x or 48! I might like the idea of that one of those. I really like that the P365 (often) comes with an extended 12 capacity mag. I think you can even get a 15, unless I’m confusing it with something else I looked at. (Struggling to keep track.) Too much recoil definitely would make me uncomfortable, though.
  15. So... I did exclude certain (sub)compact options based on the recoil issue. According to what I’m seeing online, the two I listed have a relatively minimal amount of recoil considering their size. Which glock was your friend interested in? I have shot two but I can only remember that one was the 26. Does the P365 have more recoil than that? It’s a little hard for me to load guns and I feel like I’m gonna break nails and pinch skin. I thought something compact would make it feel more manageable, and that the reduced size would give me more control.
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