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  1. Very nice I like the look of that trigger How does it feel ?
  2. I don't know where you are looking but there definitely should be versions with 10 round mags available Try GunBroker or talk to your local FFL If you do get the version with the 16 round ask your FFL if he can block them for you before you take possession I am pretty sure my guy would do that for me Tom from Oak Ridge Firearms BTW, threaded barrel is allowed no problem
  3. Link is just a competition, giveaway for a Taurus TX22
  4. Love my new Taurus TX22 I got the standard model Does anyone have the competition model ?? How is it ? Also i bought and changed out to the stainless recoil spring. Gun ran nice before, but feels a little bit tighter now. https://wn.nr/S48RBX
  5. Bought one from Oakridgefirearms and last time i looked on his site he had one in stock. I love it ! Its my favorite, out of 3 handguns, and 5 rifles. Crisp, zippy, with next to no recoil. I like the feel of the trigger and grips fit nicely in my hand, right out of the box. Sights are bright and make reaquiring target easy. I highly recomend ! Theres some ammo around too, but hopefully will come down in price soon Check with Tom @oakridgefirearms.com
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