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  1. Still available! Willing to trade for loaded ammo in 5.56/.223, .45 Auto and 9mm, as well.
  2. Still available! Willing to trade for decent quality loaded 5.56 or .223 ammo, as well!
  3. Good Evening All! For sale is a 700 count (7x boxes of 100) Barnes M/LE TAC-RRLP 5.56/.223 bullets. Long story short, I mistakenly bought 7 boxes of these fine bullets...rookie mistake in my haste to get a good deal on ammo! Please note that these are for bullets (unloaded projectiles only), not loaded ammunition. Asking price for the whole lot is $250. PRICE DROP: $200 Thanks for your interest! The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale
  4. Good morning guys, these responses have been incredibly informative. After reading some of the initial responses, I've also put in more research on my end, as well, particularly on trying to source the additional comments and tools needed. I can see both sides of the spectrum still, so definitely still a bit torn. But I am leaning that it makes sense to just sell the bullets at this time; I think it is more important for me to just get to the range and get rounds through my (new) guns. I do have a small stash of 5.56/.223 ammo, so there is the potential for me to shoot through it and get more brass for reloading; my bigger concern is the scarcity of the other components right now, which seem to be barely more available than loaded ammo. And as many of you noted, loading ammo is a time-consuming process, somewhat of a hobby in-and-of-itself; I am a DIY-inclined individual who may wind up enjoying it, but it would be a sizable hurdle to get myself to the point where I am actually able to start reloading. Certainly not talking any huge, life changing amount of money here selling off the 700 bullets, but anything helps and it can probably net me enough for a pair of backup irons haha.
  5. Thank you all! While it ain't much, we in NJ still have it a lot better than folks in NYC and CA have it; my experience of a 3.5 month turnaround time on my FID/handgun permits and being able to then purchase (even limited) AR-15-style weapons would be a dream for anybody in NYC and would be problematic for most in CA, as well. Plus, the Sussex-area is actually a nice place to live, can't say that for the most part about NYC or (much of) CA lol
  6. Hey all! Introduced myself in the Intro board, but wanted to open this discussion up over here. I asked about this on the Reddit /njguns board but it got locked pretty quick as discussing any potential sale of "ammo" (which this isn't even, technically) makes them squeamish due to reddit rules. In my haste and desperation to get anything remotely resembling reasonably-priced 5.56 ammo, I mistakenly purchased 700x 5.56 bullets without realizing the sales listing was for "bullets" instead of "rounds" or "ammunition." Rookie mistake, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I clicked that checkout button faster than my eyes could read. I've been in situations before where I missed out on a good deal on ammo due to taking an extra few seconds...burned me here! So now I have 700 quality Barnes M/LE TAC-RRLP 5.56 bullets sitting on my shelf with no idea what to do with 'em. I would sell them, but I'm not sure there's a market for this. Is it worth trying to obtain the tools and learn the trade of reloading? What is the cost barrier for that? I do not currently possess the tools, really, or the skill, either. I know in the long run over 1000s of rounds fired that this would be economically viable, but that's certainly a ways away. Should I pursue reloading or should I just pursue offloading them to somebody who could use 'em?
  7. Good Evening All, New to the Morris/Sussex border area, and coming from an even more restrictive place than NJ, happy to finally have (some of) the ability to exercise my 2a rights. I have participated a bit here and there on the Reddit /njguns forum but figured this might be a good place, as well. Currently have 4 items in my growing "collection" (2x 9mm handguns, 2x 5.6/.223 AR-15 variants), and certainly excited to add more in the near future (most pertinently, a PCC AR). Nice to meet you all!
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