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  1. +1 for the Colt6920 M4. My favorite rifle in my collection and very reliable with good build quality. But this is over $1000 Just to mention that I have the Ruger 556 MPR in 5.56 (18 inches barrel) and in my experience this rifle is very accurate.
  2. I filed for my NICS last 02/25 (Friday) and I emailed my LGS yesterday and they told me it hasn't returned yet. I was worried if I was on a delay list or is this what to expect this time around. Now (Friday 03/04), one week passed and still waiting.
  3. 1. The 8 months wait for FID and the 2-3 months wait for the P2P 2. No conceal carry 3. I can't find the guns I want (Colt 1911's ACP/Sig Sauer's ) 4. Expensive Ammo and Range membership
  4. I did mine on the 13th (Thu) and picked up my gun on the 18th (Tue). That included weekends and 1 holiday (Monday-MLK Day).
  5. Curious about this as well. For any info/replies/updates please include TAC14 + Brace too
  6. That's exactly what I thought. The vetting process is way overboard and does not make any sense at all. Maybe 1 week tops for the succeeding handgun permits is reasonable to me, but 1-2 months or longer per application? Whew.
  7. I applied for my combo FID/Handgun permit through the FARS system and waited for 8 months before I finally received it. I again applied a couple of weeks ago for 2X handgun permits because I was eyeing for 2 more handguns. I already purchased one (Black Friday discounts) and it's being held at the store until the permit is ready. I emailed my PD today and I was told that the next permit's turnaround time is 1-2 months or longer after completion of all requirements. This frustrates me but nothing I can do much about it. Is this the normal turnaround time even with an electronic system? My PD is Parsippany Troy Hills. Thanks for any insights.
  8. I am close to Baldwin Rd. on the way to Boonton. Thank you. I will definitely reach out to you because I am a newbie and any help is very much appreciated.
  9. Wow good to know, I'm in Parsippany. I called Cherry Ridge last week and I told them I wanted to sign up (which I will do this week). I am now reading about the hunting license requirements. I hope to have this completed asap and I will let you know. Thanks for the info.
  10. Thanks for that info. I'll check online about the requirements for the hunting permit
  11. I am in Morris County. I don't have a hunting license but that is something I am also looking into, though I still need to get educated and trained since I never did any hunting in my life.
  12. I need recommendation for any indoor/outdoor range that will allow me to shoot my 12 gauge Remington 870 TAC14. It doesn't have a stock so this is probably not allowed in most gun ranges. Thanks in advance.
  13. I've been lurking for a while since I found this site a few years ago from an online search. I decided that it's time to be part of this community ever since I purchased my first gun. So far, so good. Note: Not interested in anyone's politics (extreme right, extreme left) from both sides. But I fully support the preservation of the 2A rights. If you are a centrist like me, I want to know you.
  14. True. I was tempted and went to the store. But ended up buying a Remington.
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