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  1. Thanks for all the responses. IN the end and at the literal last moment, I had Gun Sitters, come by and pick up the guns. Didn't have time to advertise and sell myself. Great experience with Gun Sitters on all levels. thanks again for the suggestions and ideas!
  2. I agree and will. Just have to get them somewhere this week as closing is Friday..then i can concentrate and sell them...probably haha!
  3. agree 100%. not worth it. I'll bring them to the place i bought them and make a deal
  4. I'll probably store them a few months but also considering moving close to NYC, maybe Weehawken..I can use a break from the city as most of you cant relate to as you hate it so much haha..maybe I just need a vacation!
  5. That was my guess too. I'll contact Gunsitters to find out more. Thank you for the post and suggestions. Too much trouble to transfer them.
  6. I'm going to sell 2 of them to make this a little simpler. I have a Glock 9mm, Sig .40 and a SW .38 Airweight. Keep the Glock or Sig..hmmm...
  7. Thank you for all the replies! One thing I know is that I'm not going to take them or bother getting a NYC permit. Too aggravating. If I leave then at gunsitters and decide to move them to go to a range is this technically legal since I'm not at the address on my permit and not an NJ resident? Likely I will be living in the city for a length of time but as said, I go back often. Born and raised in NYC. Lots of family and friends. I've already moved in fact but am selling my NJ home.
  8. can use some advice. I have 3 registered handguns in New Jersey and am moving next month. I'll be living in NYC but frequently back to NJ to see friends. I know i can't take the guns with me but wondering if I have to notify NJ PD in my town about any of this? I come to NJ often and do like to shoot and am can store them somewhere. or at a gun locker place i suppose. Took so long to get the permits, I hate giving them up now! I'm moving out of North NJ, do any ranges have storage facilities? Wondering if I am allowed to even have them if I am no longer a state resident. Any comments or suggestions appreciated!
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