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  1. Thanks, will do tomorrow, appreciate the feedback.
  2. 35 days since they received my application, Online status reads initial review complete and says its incomplete and letter will follow...no mention about photos or blurred prints so who knows what that means. Wish they just e-mailed me about what they need.
  3. I had the same thought of applying prior to NJ circumventing any decision in our favor. But the decision may come months after the case is heard, so what would you think would be a good time-line for applying? Amazing that 2 other states treat me better as a non-resident.
  4. I admit not reading through this complete thread, but has anyone seen a reliable source commenting on what a favorable court decision in the NY case mean for New Gulag Jersey?
  5. Cash only available in the "Garden Spots" of the Garden State it seems.
  6. I would call Shooters first before going there, they stopped renting guns during the pandemic and I haven't looked at that case in some time when I go to the range.
  7. Looking for a replacement for my Ronin 1911 factory case. Ocean county area. PM or e-mail if you can help.
  8. I gave up on this project for now, made some other firearm purchase that ate up that budget LOL. Thanks
  9. I received my fingerprint cards from FDACS in 12 days and had 2 sets of inked prints done at Lacey Township, no cost, walk-in, no appointment needed but I called ahead to ask about best time to go in. Very friendly staff on the phone & in person especially the young officer who actually did the prints. Mailed my application this morning.
  10. I had a reply from the Lacey Township PD and they will do inked prints if you supply the cards. I submitted a request for them from Florida and was notified robo-style they received my order and should be in hand in about 10 days.
  11. Does anyone know an Ocean county LE department that will do fingerprints? I called Manchester and they said Indetogo in Brick, but that phone number is their national registry and I was told Brick does not offer that service, nearest they said was Oakhurst in Monmouth County.
  12. I have the basic cert. and application form needed for Florida. Does anyone know where I can get the CCW packet and qualifying needed done in Ocean or Monmouth county?
  13. What scores does the live fire part of the Florida license course require for qualification? Is the applicant limited to the gun they qualify with?
  14. I saw those on EBay as well, 7&10’s but will wait for the 8’s. I only want 1-2 as I do not carry or anticipate hordes of intruders anytime soon.
  15. Looking for 8 round mags for a Bersa .380.
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