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  1. I saw where the Strike force was able to have the Monmouth County Prosecutor step back from requiring applicants to agree to restrictions. Has anyone heard of their efforts in the cases of Ocean County judge's letter of restrictions?
  2. The PD I applied at suggested to try walking in, they said some applicants had. When I walked into IdentoGo in Manahawkin I was flatly told no walk-ins, even though the office had no one there when I arrived. Made an appointment at home for a week later.
  3. The best thing, IMO, is to get as many applications approved by the local PD's and sent to the courts as possible. The larger the number of apps is, the better it will be for a class-action type of suit to end these arbitrary restrictions by judges.
  4. As you see in my signature, I found other organizations to support, all with a good track record of working to correct NJ over regulation. Apparently the three day rule is one of the other rights we have to lament.
  5. The NRA has not led the fight on ANY NJ issue, but continues to cite their "support" for the actions taken by others and mail fund raising letters. When my membership expires it will not be renewed.
  6. I've been waiting a month for a P2P so I can pick up a Springfield XD I bought. I really hate seeing the NIC so slow as well.
  7. The renewal process in two years will probably be a lot different for better or worse, no way it remains as-is. The biggest factor that I see will be the number and severity of events involving the initial batch of PTCs. Sorting out the problems encountered now with local PDs reluctance to process applications and the mixed, uneven judges' orders will be a big enough challenge.
  8. I've owned guns for over 50 yrs. and trained with handguns on and off for the better part of 40. What I've learned is there is always someone better than me who I learn from and most importantly that I don't ever want to use what I learned. Two police officers I used to shoot better than both saved lives in real situations because they were able to use the training they did effectively.
  9. Kamala Harris National Disgrace & Class Clown
  10. NJ.com reports: A gated estate, State Police protection and the Middletown PD adds patrols to the area? Any other neighborhood in the township flooded with armed LEO after cars stolen in the area?
  11. <Where did you find a .9mm firearm? > Leave it to the court flunkies... I'll probably be charge with a felony if stopped while carrying a 9 mm Shield.
  12. Yes, on the back, shows no restrictions, see court order not checked, yet the court order letter comes with it.
  13. Thanks for the information, I just received my restricted Ocean County permit. Is there any legal effort being made to get a standardized set of regulations and eliminate the county by county discretionary system?
  14. I received the permit 9/12 with the same Ocean County Judges letter. Yet my permit does not have "See Court Order" checked, Restrictions has "None" checked. It list the three firearms I qualified with by make, model and SN.
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