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  1. Only the fear of unemployment will move the politicos to act in favor of true gun law reform. So far they have gone with the no-bail release, legal weed, narcan for addicts, voting rights for felons, and DL and more for illegals route.....Their "constituants" are taken care of.
  2. The NRA-ILA have been lobbying but have never to my knowledge challenged these laws seriously in court, yet continually solicit donations from me. They insist they are fighting for my rights but have yet to show me any real success. The 1,000,000 represents only 11% of the population, they see NJ as a lost cause and allocate funds elsewhere.
  3. Because of one thing. The liberals have the numbers and they vote...we came close to defeating Murphy & his ilk in the last election, but the heavily populated urban vote was the deciding factor. I'm afraid that even with a favorable ruling by the SCOTUS they will find some way, either by reworded regulations or burdensome fees to circumvent any restoration of our rights.
  4. Thanks, that clears it up. Bless the bureaucrats & political hacks.
  5. As of Dec. 2021 I was getting NIC clearance in a day, on Monday i did an NIC for a new S&W and was told 4-5 days. Does NJ law over-ride the Federal 3 day max requirement?
  6. Took my user name here because of how much I have liked dealing with Shooters and being a range member for several years. Top notch business, great inventory and facilities.
  7. Located in Ocean County, only 125 rounds fired. Case, 75 rounds 230 gr. FMJ Winchester White Box ammunition, one factory and 2 KCI magazines, manual and spare fiber optic rods included. Will meet at any FFL within 30 miles of Toms River. P&K in Manahawkin preferred. Asking $800.
  8. Why not just call/email a cancellation?
  9. P&K Guns in Manahawkin, they did my Beretta, installed fiber optic on my APX Centurion, which is no straight-forward task. The design calls for special tooling, and they did a great job. If you call or message them on Facebook page they respond quickly. (609) 597-4646
  10. If he was caught in Nj like that, his father's connections would eliminate any real penalty. Meanwhile the old man & his Dem. cronies can think up some new restrictions to put on the rest of us.
  11. Springfield Armory Ronin 4.25" .45 cal. Like new, 100 rounds fired, 100 rounds Win White box FMJ to sell with the firearm soft case, not original, one factory, 2 KCI mags, . Ocean County. PM if interested.
  12. My last two orders went well, to my surprise.
  13. I have 2 friends who use AOL. Why I have no idea, but they are seniors. I laugh every time I use them for my Permit application references.
  14. I live there and only get cautious stares from neighbors when I leave home with a range bag or rifle/shotgun case. Only real good "gun talk time" I get is when my next door neighbor is here and not in his SC home.
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