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  1. With so many states moving towards more individual rights, removal of restrictions and defensive carry based on common sense qualification and training, I amazes me that there is not a more serious movement in New Jersey. The system is backlogged with purchase permit requests without a concentrated effort to get the right to use them legally for self defense. It seems more owners are willing to complain about limits, but not work to elect state officials who could make changes. Instead of stockpiling ammunition past reasonable amounts, try supporting candidates with some of that money.
  2. It was just released, so give it some time for the aftermarket manufacturers to catch up and get models out there for the Plus.
  3. Only one candidate in the Republican primary clearly has 2nd Amendment guarantees as part of his stated platform. Hirsh V. Singh is for Constitutional protection and the Right to Carry in the state. Along with ending "Sanctuary" state and cities, he is a solid choice and worth checking his web site for his full story. As an independent registered voter I was going to forgo the primary and just voet against Murphy in the fall. Singh has me reconsidering that idea and will probably vote for him in June.
  4. Magwell Mounts Brass Goat brass catchers are manufactured in the U.S.A. Great design and functional, easy to mount and remove with access to mag release. AR 15 & Gun Accessories, AR 15 Attachments, Tactical Brass Catcher – Magwell Mounts (brassgoat.com)
  5. I'd like to sell or trade this bench rest. Ocean county, Lakehurst area. Ten dollars to sell, trade for target stands or 6-8" steel target. < TRADED >
  6. Or maybe a lot of Independent/Unaffiliated registered voters who are tired of the rhetoric from extremists on both sides. Ya never know what people who think for themselves will do.
  7. I'd prefer a lower built with a milspec sba3 brace, and a 10.5 or 11" complete railed upper and the least intrusive forward grip. Any suggestions for that type of grip and remaining legal? I appreciate the patience and info.
  8. GunMag Warehouse has both long & short 10 rounders in stock for about $20 ea.
  9. I use the one at Stafford forge and it seems quite similar to Colliers now.
  10. .380 is available but expensive. I just bought a Ruger LCP II and enough ammo to practice 1-2 times with a month and an extra box of 20 for home. Averaged $40/ per 50 FMJ range and $22 /20 for ARX.
  11. Thanks, I'm sure I'll get a lot from other NJ owners. The more local content will be real interesting.
  12. When buying a lower for a future "Other" build, would I need a NJ Pistol Purchase permit or just my FID? Thanks
  13. Found the forum doing some research on "other" firearms her in NJ. Look forward to some good local gun news from others here.
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