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  1. The Ruger has been traded deal reached off site in person, no longer available.
  2. I will also consider trades for the LCPII. Factory ammo, 9mm or .45 FMJ, no Russian brands. Prefer Norma, Winchester, Federal or Fiocchi.
  3. Low round count excellent condition Ruger LCPII .380 with or without the LaserMax Gripsense green laser. One factory 7 round mag, one 6 round. I gave the holster away and bought a soft Ruger case. The box and manuals, original receipts for dates on hand. Ocean County/Toms River area FFL are preferred. $375 with the laser or $325 without. First “I’ll take it” by permit holders wins.
  4. GunMag warehouse, I got KCI 8 rounders for less than $12 ea for my .45 Ronin
  5. I've used yellow on hazy days for trap, prefer clear indoors , lt gray or clear for any outdoor benchrest i do under a canopy
  6. The Huntersgold looked promising until you find out they don't offer a clear lens choice.
  7. I have the Wiley X Saber Advanced with clear, yellow & gray lenses, plus my Rx insert. I can highly recommend them, very modular and comfortable. Not the least expensive, but I needed ones that I could use with the insert for distance shooting. Weber's 3 lens set I used to have were excellent as well, and only about $20 on Amazon.
  8. Look at the Springfield Armory Ronin, I just bought one for under $900 after tax & FFL transfer was added. All steel .45 & 9mm full size, I got a 9mm Commander size, forged aluminum frame steel slide.
  9. Many of the states that recognize the Florida permit while traveling for RESIDENTS, they never allowed for non-resident carry. Does anyone know if that changed as well? If so, it's worth getting, if not it only pays to have one if you spend a lot of time in Florida. I'm considering one now with travel bans being lifted.
  10. Mine runs fine with 36 grr Armscor CPHP, Norma 40 gr LRN, and 40 gr CCI MiniMags CPRN. Early extraction problems but American Tactical resolved & returned in a week. Well over 500 rounds since with occasional FTF, ammo not the gun.
  11. I have the Firefly, non-threaded. But the threaded comes with a thread protector which has to be removed to field strip it for cleaning. Nothing more than an extra step in the process. I guess you know it is the same gun that was once sold as Sig's Mosquito, GSG had the contract to produce them for Sig. I really like mine, take it every time I go to the range with one of my 9's. Great way to wind down a session.
  12. My uprights are 5' long. 1x2's in the single frame, either 2x4 or 1x2's in the double. My 2x4's also have eye hooks for 8" steel suspended on chains about 2' off the ground. Stafford Forge range.
  13. Great to find a home range you like so much. I feel the same about Shooters in LEH.
  14. The new Ruger Extra or the new S&W Shield Plus. Ten+ rounds, very compact and available everywhere I've looked.
  15. With so many states moving towards more individual rights, removal of restrictions and defensive carry based on common sense qualification and training, I amazes me that there is not a more serious movement in New Jersey. The system is backlogged with purchase permit requests without a concentrated effort to get the right to use them legally for self defense. It seems more owners are willing to complain about limits, but not work to elect state officials who could make changes. Instead of stockpiling ammunition past reasonable amounts, try supporting candidates with some of that money.
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