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  1. The application fee is $50 to the state. What instructors charge is arbitrary, and I have signed up to qualify next week for $90, instructor is State Police certified. So cost is the same as about 6-7 boxes of 9mm. Reasonable, I'd say, we will need to continue solid opposition to some of the useless restrictions Murphy and his ilk propose.
  2. I'm in Ocean County and will lend you my lead sled. PM me if you are interested.
  3. I've used a Clinger Hinge with my Shield in both 2 point clips and the single Gear clip. Both very comfortable on a good belt.
  4. Have used Shield 2.0 while in Fl., will be qualifying next week here with a Shield Plus 3.1" 9mm, Clinger OWB holster or Desantis Mini Slide if it comes in by then.
  5. Scheduled for my CCW qualification course next Wednesday morning. Ironic that after waiting 50 yrs. for the laws to change I get it 2 days after Independence Day.
  6. I just ordered a DeSantis OWB leather Mini Slide for the Shield. I hear the qualifying usually require OWB for the range portion. If not, it will still be a good cool weather holster under an outer garment.
  7. As a Florida non-resident CCW permit holder, I've been using a Kore Tactical belt and a Clinger Hinge System IWB holster using the single Gear clip most of the time. Carry choice is a Shield Plus PC 3.1" with fiber optic sights.
  8. I've waited and hoped for this for 50 yrs. I know it's true now but it's almost a Twilight Zone feel I have about it.
  9. That requires a separate qualification beyond a CCW that even retired LEO need to do armed security work
  10. "....qualification and ownership with the handgun(s) you intend on carrying if your application is approved." That's another somewhat requirement our state has. In many jurisdictions that I have seen with similar wording also add that it is the specific firearm, not just brand and model. They will probably require you to qualify for EACH gun you expect to carry. I hope not, as I have three completely different guns I carry in Florida and would do so here as well under certain conditions.
  11. See the complete stage schedule above. Any stage that requires more has mag change figured into time limits.
  12. Just tell me where & when to show up for qualifying...I'm ready.
  13. P&K Firearms in Mahahawkin (609) 597-4646 I have dealt with them on repairs, purchases and transfers from out of state buys.
  14. For the price of a hunting license, the State ranges are a good deal. NJDEP | New Jersey Fish and Wildlife | Hunter Training Areas Ranges
  15. I believe your 1st point on drug use is spot-on. I had posted elsewhere when commenting on the new legal NJ weed that I felt decades of drug use has diminished brain function of each successive generations.
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