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  1. https://www.nosler.com/22-caliber-69gr-hpbt-custom-competition-1000ct.html New box of 1000 Looking to get $260 cash FTF Located 08873
  2. New Ballistic Advantage 308 18” length Heavy Profile .750” AR10 barrel https://www.ballisticadvantage.com/18-308-heavy-profile-rifle-length-ar-308-barrel-modern-series.html $140 FTF, $150 shipped, unopened, bought thinking I would start a build but never ended up starting it. Need it gone. Would really rather not ship it as it is heavy and will be expensive.
  3. WTS Mossberg 590 Mariner Made 1995, 12 gauge 20 inch barrel 8 round tube, very good condition for its age very few scratches on receiver. Pics try to highlight scratches where they are present but it is difficult to see them. asking $600 Located 08873, transfer to take place at Monmouth Arms, Tier 1 Defense, or nearby
  4. Actually I’ll take the 590 for asking. Messaged you already
  5. Looking for an FEG ak, looking to spend around $1300.
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