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  1. Everyone relax, IANAL, but after reading this bill, Ammoland and everyone else is wrong. Did anyone actually read the bill? It is not the "Biggest Gun Ban Ever" (not saying I agree with it) The bill only bans firearms described in subsection k. --- "a person who transports, ships, sells, or disposes of a firearm manufactured or otherwise assembled using a firearm frame or firearm receiver as defined in *****subsection k.***** of this section which is not imprinted with a serial number registered with a federally licensed manufacturer, including but not limited to a firearm manufactured or otherwise assembled from parts purchased or otherwise obtained in violation of subsection k. ---- SubSection 'K' reads "Purchasing firearm parts to manufacture a firearm without a serial number.....a person who, with the purpose to manufacture or otherwise assemble a firearm and without being registered or licensed do so as provided in chapter 58 of Title 2C of the New Jersey Statutes, purchases or otherwise obtains separately or as part of a kit a firearm frame or firearm receiver which is not imprinted with a serial number registered with a federally licensed manufacturer" ....So the way I read it, complete firearms imported by companies such as Century Arms are not affected. This will not affect your Red Ryder BB gun, or any other gun legally obtained.
  2. No, not according to the article. the serial number must be registered with a federally licensed manufacturer. (Not importer) - "This would include most modern imported rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers, plus foreign firearms, and military surplus firearms from countries around the world, if these companies were not federally licensed manufacturers (e.g., Lugers, P-38s, Mausers, Arisakas, Enfields, SKSs, Carcanos, Webleys, Norincos, Mosins, etc.)." See full article on Ammoland here https://www.ammoland.com/2023/05/new-jersey-politicians-enact-largest-gun-ban-us-history/
  3. Yep, $46 for one permit. Then you will need 2 background checks, one for your purchase permit and another when you actually buy the gun. So you pay $16 for a NICS check after you have already been approved to purchase a handgun.
  4. Yes, the price is good because it is a scam website. Do not buy from here or you will lose your hard earned cash. They want Zelle, cryptocurrency, venmo, or cash app, and they don't even require a FFL.
  5. Since we're showing off our owls, we have a couple of Eastern Screech owls hanging around. If you go outside before daylight, you can hear them calling. Not very big at all, maybe 10".
  6. SCCY CPX-2 Gen 3, lime green, optics ready. Model CPX2CBLGRDRG3. Includes 2-10Rd magazines, trigger lock, owners manual, box. I have 100 rounds through this gun. Buyer pays transfer fee & NICS. Located in Gloucester County, prefer to use my FFL in Mullica Hill ($40 transfer fee), but will travel within 30 min. Must have valid FID with matching DL. First to post “I’ll take it” wins the sale. $170.
  7. Elk Twp, Gloucester County, $25. They were collecting $2, then emailed everyone and asked them to send in $23 more dollars.
  8. I could be wrong, but my understanding is a mag fed pump action does not have a 10rd limit. HOWEVER, if the magazine in question can fit into another semi-auto shotgun, then it would be illegal. So any 7+ magazine that would fit in your VRPA40, would also fit in the semi-auto VR80, and therefore be illegal. I believe your 9rd mags are illegal because they would fit in the VR80. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Every time I email all my assemblymen/legislators/senators Comcast/Xfinity locks my email account and forces me to change my password because my account has been compromised (so they say). I even tried not doing a mass email, but send to a few at a time. Calling them on the phone (Comcast) is like talking to a rock. Anyone else have this problem?
  10. Monstrum Tactical makes a decent budget friendly red dot. https://monstrumtactical.com/1x20-ghost-red-dot-sight/
  11. Sorry if I'm getting off subject, this reminds me of something that happened 40+ yrs ago. My brother in law & I go fishing one day, back when we were young and dumb. For whatever reason he chose not to buy his license. No boat, fishing from the shore, my BIL gets his lure stuck in a tree. Well, here comes the game warden. "Do you have a fishing license?" the warden asks. My BIL, without missing a beat, replies, "No sir, I'm trying to catch birds. Can't you see my lure's in the tree?" The warden was not amused and issued a ticket anyway. He did let me slide for not having my license displayed.
  12. Do I need a license to help a child to fish? That depends on the level of assistance. For baiting a hook or netting and unhooking a fish, a license is not required. If you cast, retrieve or fight the fish for a child, a license is required. This is found on pg 11 of the 2020 NJ Freshwater Fishing Digest, although it is not mentioned in the 2022 digest. Link here >>> https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/pdf/2020/digfsh20.pdf
  13. You are good with the threaded barrel for now, Dictator Murphy is trying to take that away too.
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