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  1. You are good with the threaded barrel for now, Dictator Murphy is trying to take that away too.
  2. I sent an email to everyone on the list and so far have gotten 3 responses saying they would not support the bill. About a half dozen generic responses more or less saying they would read my letter when they get time.
  3. Stay away from Cabela's/Bass Pro sealers. They all have bad reviews. I bought one from Cabela's, never worked right from day one. Made do with it until it stopped sealing properly. Just bought a Hamilton Beach sealer last week, and so far, it is head & shoulders above the Cabela's (VacMaster) for less money.
  4. I love my VR80. Comes with two 5rd mags and a magazine limiter to limit mag to 2 rds for hunting. Too bad about the 6 round limit in NJ, they do make higher capacity mags. You need to use high velocity shells, 1300fps or better, for proper cycling. Also comes with 2 gas pistons, for light and heavy loads.
  5. Yea, after he almost got beat, he said he would be "everyone's governor".
  6. 1-2 months or longer is outrageous. I just got permits last month, took 18 days from the day I applied until I got them, although the date on the permits were dated 3 days before I got them.
  7. LiveWire

    Lever guns

    I have 2 Henry lever actions, a Mare's Leg and a Golden Boy, both .22lr. The owners manual says repeated dry firing can eventually peen the edge of the chamber, making it difficult to load & extract cartridges.
  8. S&W 15-22 10rd mags in stock now! https://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Smith-and-Wesson-M-P-15-22-10rd-22LR-RIfle-Magazin-p/sw-19924.htm
  9. All Hi-Point Carbines now come with a threaded barrel. That along with the pistol grip is prohibited in NJ. Just need to get the thread protector pinned/welded. A lot of places won't ship to NJ if it is not state complaint as is, so even if your FFL agrees to do the work, you are SOL. In stock at Shooters.
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