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  1. 20 hours ago, Redeye65 said:

    What handgun are you looking at for your first purchase? You may want to raise the bar a bit and look at handguns in the $400-$800 range unless you’re looking for a small .22. Have you gone to a range to try out a few pistols? You can buy something online just to get it home and hate it. I would suggest the first purchase be from a local gun shop unless you have shot the pistol before you order it. 

    Every hand guns feels different, I love the look of the CZ Rami but when I handled one in a store, the trigger was terrible, felt like it took 10 lbs of pressure to pull it. Wanted a Beretta Tomcat, looked for a small gun in a small caliber to keep around the house, handled one in the store and for the life of me I couldn’t see the sights. Don’t just buy a handgun blind, you may not like it one bit.  

    Thanks Redeye65.  I have gone to the range in the past and fired a few 22's, 9MM and 45's.  The one that I liked is why out of my range. It was a Kimber that I believe runs over $1K. The MP9 wasn't bad but I really did enjoy using the berretta U22 neos. I also tried out a few shotguns and rifles (including a fully automatic one, in PA).  Solely from a standpoint of accuracy and fun,  The Ruger 10/22 was my favorite rifle. I'm looking at the Walther PK380 as my first handgun purchase.  I think that it will be something that my wife and I will enjoy taking out on the range.

  2. Thanks everyone for the info. Still seems somewhat complicated if I have to make multiple trips.  Maybe I can find a FFL in Camden County with low prices.  I see that I can buy certain models online at Cabela's and sent to the Atlantic City location.  That might be the simplest thing for me to do n my first transaction.  I have two P2P that are good for about 6 months. I Have a busy work schedule and just want to get something under $300 that doesn't require multiple trips to fill out in triplicat

  3. Sorry if this has been answered somewhere (I'm sure it has but searching was taking some time).  I just received my eFID and (2) P2P.  I know want to purchase a handgun and am confused as to what the actual process is.  It seems (from reading on here) that if I purchase online I can't just have it shipped to my home, I have to use a FFL?

    1. Do I have to contact the FFL first? How do I pick or find an FFL near me?

    2. I also saw that I can purchase from Cabela's (Bas Pro) and they will ship to the Atlantic City location, would I be able to pick it up from there or do I still need a FFL involved? 

    3. Are rifle purchases different (do they need an FFL involved)?


    I'm trying to navigate the complexity of purchasing a firearm in NJ as well as figure out the true cost since there seem to be a lot of hidden fees which seem to add upwards of a $100 to the final price tag.  Any help would be much appreciated.

  4. I finally received it at 6:01AM today!!  I downloaded the efid, stored it somewhere safe and printed it. I applied on April 19th and received the permit on May 14th. Seems that electronic is the fast way to go. Thanks to everyone for your support and suggestions. It's great to have this type of community for something so important.

  5. Thanks EdF. I applied about 3 weeks ago at this point. I received the emails regarding the references and then went to get fingerprinted. It was about a week after fingerprinting that I received a phone call from my local pd. I paid the required fee and was told that my efid should be in my email later in the day if it wasn't already. She also told me that the 2 permits would expire in 6 months. I guess I made the assumption that everything was good. I will wait until next week and call for an update.

  6. What happens if I never get the email? I was told I had one and could purchase a firearm. Supposedly it was "in the system" and the seller could pull it up electronically. My career is in IT and I usually trust in electronic documents, however, this is NJ (lifelong resident). I figure I'll give it a week before I go to the Police Station again. This means of course having to take time off from work since there aren't any convenient hours for the actual public that needs their public officials.

    1 hour ago, Reno964 said:


    Thank you

  7. I just paid my $9 today (For my Firearm ID and Handgun Permits).  The lady who took my payment said everything is digital now.  How do I know if I actually have a Firearm ID?  I haven't received an email yet saying that I was approved or any type of document that says I have one.  I didn't even receive a receipt for the $9.  Hopefully someone out there can ease my worries on this subject.

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