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  1. 9mm 8.5” barrel, long muzzle with 10” rail. You could get over 26”…. I like the look of the long blast can style muzzles.
  2. Ammo (.45acp, 223, 76239, 10mm) let me know what you have might be interested
  3. Barely used VR80 still have the box, any trades welcome
  4. https://palmettostatearmory.com/pa-9-pcc/psa-pa-9-gen4-10-5-9mm-1-10-nitride-12-slanted-m-lok-railed-upper-with-bcg-ch4.html You’ll need lower parts and SBA 3 but you won’t have to worry about overall length since the muzzle on that one is 3.25.
  5. Get the kaw valley linear comp 3.25 or 4.25 version and you’ll be good to go. But It’s going to look weird with that rail. I would look for a different kit. I’ll try and find one for you
  6. Anyone build a A2 style MLOK “other” build? I’ve been thinking about buying palmetto A2 MLOK 10.5 upper and adding the vertical grip. Pin/weld the muzzle . Thanks in advance.
  7. There isn’t any clear laws, and this is coming from an active LEO
  8. Where is this so called independent verification? No one seems to give a straight answer , that’s why we come to this page lol
  9. I was not aware of all that info however was almost positive the flash cans are legal due to it be considered a compensator. And yes the receiver was purchased as a stripped lower and registered as other. And the shop is United Uniforms
  10. Its for an "Other" build. Specifically the Palmetto State Armory complete upper with the PSA "flash can". I dropped it off to my local FFL and was told by the gunsmith that because you can fit your finger inside of it, its illegal. As this conversation was commencing another employee told the worker that he was wrong and it was legal because its considered a linear compensator. Needless to say they are now going to pin/weld the muzzle on however still left me feeling worried. For a little info about the build : 10.5 inch PSA Upper with 3" flash can (Makes it over 26" when pin/weld is done). Anderson lower with SBA3. VFG installed to make it a legal "other". Also a discussion about building an other was brought up while I was in there. That same employee stated you cant build an other because it doesnt have "other" engraved. Again the other employee stated that he was wrong. I am tired of getting different answers from people who are supposed to give you legal advise. This was at a gun store in my area. Thank you
  11. Hey Guys are flash/ blast cans legal in NJ? I keep getting different answers. Some saying they are because they are considered a linear compensator. However some say you cannot have a large opening in the muzzle device such as a flash can. I’m specifically talking about this muzzle flash can from PSA https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-series-5-56-fluted-flash-can-1-2x28.html
  12. Thanks , I was not sure because I know you’re supposed to replicate the Troy DSI models. Has anyone here build one with a side charging upper ?
  13. Does anyone know if you can build an “other” with a Bear Creek side charging upper?
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