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  1. Thanks to everyone for all the responses. They are very helpful. SJG: I agree with everything you posted, as it is consistent with my research in NJ and Fed. statutes, and NJ State Police website, etc. I am fortunate that I was recently able to retire and make FL my state of domicile. I can't take all the NJ regulations, taxes, etc. anymore. I'm fine with just spending my summers at the Jersey shore and the rest of my time in FL. I'll love NJ, but enough is enough. By the way, I found this NJ statute that suggests you need to file for a new FID when there is a change of residence, if you want to continue to use your FID. There may be some FFLs that don't care if the FID and drivers license addresses don't match, but the law seems to require it. I think I'm just going to apply for a new FID with my FL address. N.J.A.C. 13:54-1.11 DUPLICATE FIREARMS PURCHASER IDENTIFICATION CARD (a) Persons shall apply for a duplicate firearms purchaser identification card to replace a lost, stolen or mutilated card, or in the case of a change of residence by the holder, within 30 days of such loss, theft, mutilation, or change of residence. (b) The applicant shall complete an application for a duplicate firearms purchaser identification card designated as form STS-3 and a consent for mental health records search designated as form SP 66 and present same to the chief of police in the municipality where the applicant resides or to the Superintendent in all other cases. (c) It shall be the responsibility of the chief of police of the municipality wherein the applicant currently resides or the Superintendent in all other cases, to conduct a criminal history records check and to determine if the applicant is subject to any of the disabilities as provided by law and this subchapter and to issue the duplicate card, should the applicant qualify. The applicant shall pay the appropriate fee for a Criminal History Record Check as established by N.J.A.C. 13:59 in accordance with N.J.S.A. 53:1-20.5 et seq. (P.L. 1985, c.69). Regards, Steve
  2. Does the address on your NJ FID match the address on your FL driver's license? I think once I get my FID updated to have my FL address I will be OK.
  3. Thanks for your comments. But, I am a bit confused. I thought what I wanted to do was perfectly legal in NJ, but based on the last two comments, it seems like I need to be careful when I drive in NJ, which suggests I am doing something that's not perfectly legal. Can anyone clarify for me? Thanks in advance. Steve
  4. I have a “simple” NJ gun transport question (at least I thought it was simple). I legally purchased a handgun in NJ (I had a handgun permit, FID card, etc.,) while a NJ resident. I have since become a Florida domiciled resident, but I still maintain a home in NJ . Note: While I still possess my NJ FID card, it is no longer valid because the address on it does not match the address on my Florida license. I will be applying for a new FID as soon as I return back to NJ. Can I drive my legally purchased NJ handgun back and forth between Florida and NJ? I know I can drive it to Florida from NJ, it's the other way around that is unclear to me. Based on my research (looking at NJ guns laws, NJ State Police website, etc.), I believe I can do the following: 1. I can transport the gun into NJ (from FL) as long as it is unloaded and locked in a case and not accessible to me, AND once I enter NJ I must drive directly to my NJ residence (except for "reasonable deviations”). 2. I believe the same is true of ammo that I purchased in NJ (then brought to Florida and want to return back to NJ). Can anyone confirm - - or otherwise correct - - my understanding? I thought there were enough NJ/FL dual residents that this issue would have been discussed/resolved already. Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve
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