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  1. I've got copies of mine stashed in different places as well. How comfortable are you that if you needed to show a cop one of the copies, that he wouldn't scrutinize it closely enough to see that it was not the original, and charge you on that basis? After I made about 10 copies (I'm a bit OCD :-) I laminated the original and the copies to hopefully minimize that risk. My original came on the low-quality recycled toilet paper that NJ used for drivers licenses back in the day, so I thought laminating it was a good idea for several reasons.
  2. True enough. What part of this guy's conduct (obtuse though it may have been) would have been analogous to illegal activity in 1789? Picture someone riding his horse home down Manchester Pike from the local tavern, stopping to take a pot shot at some target of opportunity off in the woods, then continuing on his way. Who thinks that, unless he inadvertantly hit a person, or damaged personal property, he would be charged with any kind of criminal violation, without even getting into the ludicrous topic of duty to inform during that time period?
  3. I think I would be better advised to start my efforts in VIrginia, where I hope to be if SHTF. It's a bit of a dilemma, since, depending on what unknown form the crisis takes, I might not be able to get there. OTOH, I don't know that I think that going to a seriously time consuming effort twice is reasonable. NTM that I definitely don't plan to duplicate an extensive list of pricey equipment in two places (and a 50 - 100' tower is none too portable :-) I guess I should give some thought to making a list of what risks I believe are most likely to happen, and prioritize immediate responses to those risks, beginning with the decision to bug out or to shelter in place. Prior to retirement, one of my work responsibilities was disaster recovery planning - it just dawned on me that I should be able to adapt some of those tools and techniques to this task, as there would appear to be significant crossover.
  4. If you haven't already found people that you would want to communicate with in a crisis, and formed some kind of at least informal network of those folks before you need to use this technology for SHTF communications, it won't help.
  5. Is that really any different from today? Logic, common sense, and experience are the only way to determine if anything you see on the net today, or hear from someone else, even (or maybe especially) someone in a nominal position of authority. I pretty much disregard at least 60% of what purported "information" I see, and I take the rest with a very large grain of salt.
  6. If the S truly HTF, one of my major concerns would be of a government agency, or virtually the entire government, gone rogue (even more so than current events portray :-) In that event, I think I'd be far more concerned with what could happen if one of those rogue elements could easily eavesdrop on my plans and activities, than with somebody citing me for infraction of an FCC regulation.
  7. I bought the stainless Rossi lever carbine in .357 a few years ago, to match a bush rifle caliber to my revolvers. I'm pretty sure I paid under $400 at the time. Shoots sweet, reliable, more than accurate enough. When I was shopping for it I kept running into comments on gun forums (not this one, iirc) criticiziing the action compared to the Henrys, but I've never shot a Henry lever gun, and I guess I'm too dumb to notice any issues.
  8. Interesting discussion. I have plenty of large, tall trees that I could affix antennae elements to . But then I'd be at the mercy of wind and lightning. Of course, a falling tree could easily take out an adjacent tower as well :-) My biggest mental obstacle with installing a tower is how to get all the pieces up the slope to the install point. A new tower is no doubt a pretty big expense, but I see them on FB Marketplace regularly for fairly cheap, provided the buyer takes the thing down.
  9. Have you done any research into the cost and licensing requirements to run a repeater? We own some mountainous acreage in a very rural part of Virginia RIdge and Valley country that serves as vacation place and potential SHTF retreat. We get mediocre cell phone coverage (US Cellular only) and nothing else. I have thought of putting an antenna tower up the hill a ways (we own nearly to the top of the ridge. I wouldn't do it just for Ham or GMRS radio, but if I could get expanded cell coverage, and/or satellite internet (Dish or Starlink) as well, from one tower, I might go for it. ==== sorry, didn't intend to hijack the thread ====
  10. The biggest problem with this announcement is that the FBI has proven itself to be completely untrustworthy, but it is the agency charged with keeping the public informed about such developments. So, this is something that Wray and the FBI want us to believe, because they are convinced that is in their best interests that we do so. But how much objective truth is there to it? Are Biden's enviro-Nazi puppeteers planning to sabotage the internet and what is left of our petrochemical production capability and somehow false flag attribute that attack to the Chinese? Unlikely, but it's terrible and damning that I even need to seriously consider that possibility. It's a dilemma. Reminds me of an old Star Trek TV episode where Kirk short-circuits some robotic adversary by telling it, "I always lie. Listen very carefully. I am lying to you..." Personally, I'll wait until I see some corroboration of this from something that I regard as a trusted source (and those are few and far between these days) before I buy it.
  11. That political skew is good as long as it lasts. I know about the real estate increase. I had been considering FL as a potential long-term alternative if I completely give up on NJ. Now I'm leaning more toward SC. I know some folks with places on the coast a bit away from the elite areas, and they like it very much. And real estate in those places seems to be holding reasonable prices, at least compared to FL.
  12. I have been cleaning at home, but I don't have a permanent station set up for this, so I need to spend some time rearranging stuff before doing so. I've also thought of cleaning while at the range, so I'm interested in the comments about various ranges not allowing cleaning on-premises. Do you mean that they don't provide a dedicated space to do this, or that they actually forbid the practice? I pay for range time per hour, and, as long as I'm paying for the time, I'm wondering if the range is likely to object if I'm cleaning 1 or 2 handguns instead of shooting them. I know I can ask them, but if it is a general prohibition for a good reason, I'd like to know in advance.
  13. I have a sneaking suspicion that something similar could happen (if it isn't already) to Florida, as well, That wouldn't be a good thing.
  14. Just a heads-up for anyone who might also be in this situation. I joined USLS mid-April of 2022. Some time after renewing for 2023, I changed email providers, and dutifully reflected my new address on my account page. So, I have been anticipating renewal alerts at my new address, but those never arrived. I logged in to my account the other day, and was surprised to see that my subscription expired that same day. I went to my account main information page, confimed that my email address was correct, then went to the billing page, which showed my previous two payments, but which did not give me any apparent way to pay up for the new year. I requested support using the Customer Service form on the web site, but received no reply. Today I called their support number. Apparently changing the email address from my view of my account page did nothing to change the address that they use internally for billing purposes, including expiration notifications. Maybe they also use that address for replies to the support form, even if a different email address is entered there. Also, my account was set up to auto-renew and charge my credit card without my intervention, but that setting did not show on my account page in any obvious way. So, if you have USLS and have changed your email address since you last renewed, you might want to give them a call to ensure that they send renewal information to your correct address. The prospect of having legal coverage lapse while carrying in NJ was, for me, a less that confidence inspiring experience. I will note that the telephone-based customer service was excellent.
  15. F*n imbeciles. They know damned well (or should) that, even if passed by the Colorado Senate and signed into law, virtually that entire load of crap is certain to fail Bruen/Heller scrutiny, and probably sooner, rather than later (SCOTUS). What a monumental waste of time (of course, how much can a dip$h*t's time be worth, anyway?) and energy. I passed through Colorado a few times in the 70s, and visited some clients there in the 80's & 90's, and, even by the end of that period, I had the impression that it was politically fairly conservative (with a few exceptions such as Aspen). WTF happened?
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