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  1. That is so. On the gripping hand, those legislators (as well as Callahan, et al) are (per the catch-all reference in 41:3-1) are arguably guilty of perjury for violating their oaths by merely voting to pass legislation that is blatantly unconstitutional per se. I'd like to see some noise made about that, even if there is little to no chance that any prosecutor will file those criminal charges. Same goes for lawsuits, actually. Promises to sue the living shit out of these people for passing their bullshit law doesn't need to wait until it is passed and signed. The lack of rhetoric on these subjects sadly suggests to me the intention to pursue the kind of behind-closed-doors political horse trading that has failed us so often in the past, in lieu of the open confrontation that I am convinced is needed. If the gloves aren't dropped by our advocates under these extreme circumstances, when would be the appropriate time for that to happen? Under what circumstances would there be a consensus that our advocates are really not up to the job, and need to be replaced? I'm not stating that needs to be done, but I believe that it is not too early to be contemplating those questions.
  2. Accurint appears to be a Lexis-Nexis data product family that consolidates and presents available public and commercial record information. To the best of my knowledge, permits to carry are not public records, and I'm unaware of any proposals to change that, even in PRNJ. There may well be threats to liberty posed by the kind of consolidation of information that Arrurint performs, but currently I don't believe that outing PtC permittees is one of them. Lexis-Nexis Risk Solutions - Accurint Accurint for Law Enforcement
  3. 2013 New Jersey Revised Statutes Title 41 - OATHS AND AFFIDAVITS Section 41:3-1 - False swearing, affirmation of declaration; perjury states: 41:3-1. False swearing, affirmation of declaration; perjury If any person shall willfully and corruptly swear, affirm or declare falsely, in or by any oath, affirmation, declaration or affidavit, required to be made or taken by any statute of this state, or necessary or proper to be made, taken or used in any court of this state, or for any lawful purpose whatever, such person shall be deemed guilty of perjury and punished accordingly. My IANAL interpretion of that is that these ass-clowns are committing the crime of perjury whenever they willfully vote for legislation, or engage in other conduct, that is inconsistent with the Constiutions of NJ and the US. I alluded to this in my letter to Callahan. I wonder when Platkin or some other prosecutor will begin to indict them? I also am not very pleased that I have yet to see any of our advocacy organizations pursue, or even seriously threaten to pursue, mere lawsuits against those state officials violating their oaths in this manner. IMO they should be pressuring for criminal prosecution.
  4. To answer your question, they will publish a simplified (probably also bastardized) version in the NJ Administrative Code and a summary in the New Jersey Register after it is signed, and call that sufficient public notice. Public Access to Administrative Code and NJ Register
  5. Also, what happens to PtC (and PtP, I suppose) applications that are in the approval queue when this abomination is signed and made effective? In a sane society, any WIP would continue to final disposition under the rules in force when it was filed, but there is nothing even remotely sane about the third world banana republic replica calling itself New Jersey.
  6. If some cop tells you not to contact the final authority who will approve or deny your application, you can bet that he has only his own narrow interests in mind. The admin personnel in my judge's office (Cape May County) have been very courteous even when they were powerless to render assistance. They also told me to copy the judge on any letters that I write to NJSP, etc., complaining about the approval process because, according to them, the judge likes to stay informed about matters related to his deliberations.
  7. Selection of vehicles their produts fit looks pretty narrow: pickups and just a few SUVs. Oddities among those, too. For example, they have products for Toyota FJ but not 4Runner. That's odd, because the FJ essentially is a 4Runner with exterior and interior cosmetic changes. I suppose the interior changes could conceivably affect the fit of their product - that's all I could think of.
  8. There is an entire section of the NJ Courts web site devoted to self-representation. Represent Yourself in Court WIthin that section, there are instructions and forms to file motions, but conveniently, nothing pertaining to firearms (most of that content seems to be for civil division matters, while PtC and other firearms matters are handled by Criminal Division). You might try calling your court and asking to speak to one of the Criminal Division adminstrators. I spoke to one of the Cape May admins a few weeks back, and while he did not resolve my issue, which was NJSP taking over 60 days to process my PtC application, he was informative and seemed to be trying to be as helpful as he could without violating court rules. Of course, there seems to be pronounced differences in attitude between one county Superior Court and another, so YMMV... NOTE: Of course, extreme discretion should be used when deciding whether or not to represent yourself in a court of law. If there is any real possibility of opening some can of worms that might expose you to loss of rights or prosecution, consult an attorney.
  9. I wish I could give you a sensible, definitive answer. I see apparent references on here regularly to ANJRPC communications I didn't receive. I've gone to their web site, which doesn't seem to have a tremendous amount of advocacy content (not nearly as much on current issues as I would expect, anyway) and turned on anything I could find to get more information sent to me, but I really don't think that was effective. Every so often, an email from them seems to just drop out of the blue. I've posted before here that, while I think our advocacy orgs are doing a pretty good job pounding on proposed and enacted government intrusions, I also think that they could do a much better job of communicating with their membership, and I got slammed for it. Probably gonna happen again
  10. My bad - I skimmed rhe email too quickly. It does say that the bill will be brought up to the committee on Monday...
  11. Yep. Bureaucracies thrive on red tape. Eliminating same runs counter to all of petty bureaucrats' incentives.
  12. Don't know for sure, but I'm fairly certain I saw that some of the people commenting on this process (in the "experience" thread, probably) previously held PtC by virtue of employment (guard, etc.), and I haven't seen anyone mention that the current format differs from what he or she was previously issued. .
  13. Got an email from ANJRPC about mid-day indicating that it went before some Senate committee today, but no follow-up indicating action taken.
  14. Yeah, quite. I did get USPS return receipt from my letter to Callahan and VM from a Det. Marshall at NJSP FIU Trenton a few days later stating that my application would be processed by Woodbine that day and "prioritized". I'm pretty sure the "prioritized" was BS, OTOH that's more response than a lot of folks have received. Maybe the fact that I called out Callahan's willful violation of his oath to uphold the Constitutions of US & NJ and cited the statute that defines such a violation as perjury got someone's attention, who knows? Might be some downside to that scrutiny, as well, as Trenton found two errors in my app, sent it back to Woodbine, and made me complete another one correcting the errors, which I needed to get references to sign again and get notarized, then resubmit to Woodbine. The only good part of that is that allegedly it goes right back to Trenton, and I was told my background check was already completed, so hopefuily the court sees it real soon.
  15. My letter to Callahan was civil, but not nearly so nice in tone. OTOH I missed a bet by failing to copy the Office of Professional Standards. A member of the Cape May County CCW group on FB has also reported that he got some response by going to NJSP Internal Affairs (another cc: I missed), and reported that the IA guy told him that IA is getting very frustrated with all the firearms complaints about Woodbine station.
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