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  1. As an ex IBM midrange computer pro, I'm compelled to reply that you may have picked a bad example there IBM Systems 36 and 38 were, and are, intrinsically more secure than any lowest-bidder machine designed to run software from Microsoft, Apple or Google. Just the fact that the machine character set is EBCDIC rather than ASCII poses a challenge for a prospective hacker. Unfortunately, I'm certain that NJ has compromised that by tying those back-end systems to a huge net of Windows and Android cloud clients that haven't a shred of real security protection, so the security and control advantages of the hardware/firmware architecture will have been totally wasted.
  2. Again, that would depend very much on the breadth and scope of the ruling. As I understand the case, it isn't merely about NY State's "justifiable need" statutary requirement, but about the fact that the requirement is deliberately interpreted (or misinterpreted) so as to deny the right to carry to pretty much everyone. A ruling could be tailored to only the way NYS interprets and applies the regulation. It could entirely overturn the regulation itself. It could go even further, and broadly affirm the right of every citizen to what has been called "Consitutional Carry" by some: the presumed right of every citizen to carry concealed (or even openly) without first going through the formality of obtaining *any* permission from the state (restrictions on felons and mentally ill probably pemitted). That last option is what *should* happen - it is the only one that comports with a plain reading of the Second Amendment, but I'm not overly optimistic that the Court will be so ambititious as to rip out that large a chunk out of current state practices in a single bite. All of those variiables bear on what the response of NJ, or any other state that wishes to continue to restrict firearms rights, might be.
  3. Sounds like NJ is administratively and procedurally AFU. What a huge surprise! Unfortunately, there is very little chance that the resolution of this clusterf, er, apparent conflict, will be to your benefit, or ours...
  4. To my mind, there is little question that the court majority will hold with NY Rifle & Pistol Association and against NY State. The question to me is of how narrowly or broadly the decision will be tailored. The scope could range from something that overturns only some relatively small detail of the NY law as enforced (so that it affects only NYS, and in a way that is easily remedied by NYS without permitting any effective expansion of carry rights), to a wide open affirmation of the plain reading of the Second Amendment that would throw over all manner of infringing firearms regulations, including those not specific to concealed carry, everwhere in the US. I'm a bit skeptical that the latter hope will be fulfilled, as much as I would like to see it (i'm pretty certain that Roberts, at least, would dissent from such an opinion), but I'm reasonably optimistic that the right of an ordinary citizen to carry a handgun under most circumstances, without first shouldering a huge burden of paperwork or qualification, will be affirmed. I'd settle for that. Certainly, some states will attempt to buy time after such a decision by waiting to be sued themselves, and/or trying legistative end-arounds, but a favorable SCOTUS decision of wider than the narrowest possible scope will ultimately doom those efforts. I think that a lot of people fail to understand what the job of the courts entails. It is not (except in certain limited kinds of civil damage suits) to decide "right and wrong"; but to determine if certain specific behavior violates the law, as intended and written. In the case of appeals courts (up to and including the Supreme Court) the job is twofold: to determine whether a decision was rendered correctly according to the law cited in a case, and, if that is true, to determine whether that particular law, or regulation, or application of legalistic authority, conflicts with another law that takes precedence; the US Constitution occupying the highest rung on that ladder. As far as the commenter whot expressed "hope" that we wouldn't be "sorry for what we got", I'm not sure what that means. Even in what I view as the very unlikely event that a SCOTUS majority would hold that the NY State's broad denials are constitutional, I don't see that, in practical terms, things would be any worse for most of us. Maybe if a red state changed to blue in 2022 and the new legistators decided to take advantage of such a ruling for cover in trashing existing carry rights in that state, a case could be made that the ruling paved the way and produced negative results, but in NJ, NY, MD, DC (etcetera) there would be little or no practical change. If that poster is so mistrutful of others (and of his or her own self-defense capabilities) as to be afraid of a decision allowing broad-based carry rights, I don't know why he or she would be on this board in the first place.
  5. Just FWIW, the domain of the page linked to from one post in the "thefiringline.com" thread, "reloadbench.com", is identified by my browser security tools (ublock origin/Easylist) as a possible malware host. Possibly that site went belly-up sometime in the years since that page was published and the domain was secured after that by one or another nefarious squatter. Unfortunately that is not uncommon. Could be a false positive, but I don't choose to find out the hard way YMMV
  6. Good stuff. About to read the thread linked in the first reply, but an obvious follow-up question does occur to me - if it's covered there feel free to critcize :) Does anyone use silica gel packets or any similar moisture absorbent in their powder or primer storage containers? Any reason not to do so? What about the "golden rod" type heating elements? My (not fireproof) gun cabinet came with one of those installed and it seems to do a pretty good job.
  7. Can anyone point me to a resource that discusses safe powder and primer storage, as well as safe reloading, in terms of temperature and humidity conditions? I want to look into getting started, but I live in an old Victorian house with no A/C, and I'm somewhat concerned about excessive temps in Summer, and low humidity electrostatic discharge in Winter. I know that reloading long predates the prevalence of A/C, but I'm wondering if modern materials and practices assume stable climate control. Thanks. SAM
  8. voyager9 wrote: "...While they are right, that the Supremacy Clause means states cannot nullify federal law..." That is only correct wrt Federal law that does not itself contravene the Constitution. Article VI, clause 2 states: "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding." I bolded what I believe is the key qualification in this case. The Constitution includes ratified Amendments, including the Second. Even if Missouri is contravening Federal law in this instance, it is unclear and highly debatable whether the Federal law in question was made "in Pursuance thereof".
  9. I feel a huge sense of gratitude to Mitch McConnell for preventing that festering f***stick Garland from getting Supreme Court confirmation. While Garland can and will manage to screw some things up for gun owners as AG for four years, that is a drop in the bucket compared to the damage he would have inflicted from a lifetime perch on the SCOTUS bench...
  10. Just another reminder to keep anyone else from stubbing their toe on this issue. If you get your fingerprint card at an Identogo (affiliated with Morpho) facility, check very closely to make sure they have stamped your card (every card, if you get extra copies) as a legit NJ Law Enforcement Agency. This was the source of my issue and delay with Florida. I had my prints taken at Identogo in Blackwood, and had three copies made against the possibility that I would need a copy for NH, or for one of my renewals (the copies were very inexpensive). They stamped the original card as "Hamilton Twp Police Dept", but the copies were unstamped. I didn't check those, and an unstamped copy is what I sent to Florida...
  11. Florida may be one of the jurisdictions that will accept an on-line training course. While I support that (I personally don't think 2A allows any training qualification for carry) depending on experience, I think many people might better served by opting for an in-person course (for reasons of safety, not appeasing idiot politicians). I've used a basic NRA handgun safety course that I completed in 2015 at South Jersey Shooting Club on Piney Hollow Rd in Winslow Twp for all my CC applications that require proof of training.
  12. I'm pretty confident this has zero probability of passing. My best guess is that Dems realize that they are looking at catastrophic losses in the 2022 midterms, and are attemping to make desperate appeals to their base. Fortunately, I think such attempts will be ineffective, and quite p[ossibly backfire. I think that many ultra-lefites are already disenchanted with what they hoped would turn out to bea US equivalent to the Russian Revolution of 1917, and few of them will be motivated to vote. On the gripping hand, this kind of tactic is very likely to motivate those sympathetic to conservative and/or libertarian philosophies.
  13. @Mikep, @bennj: Did you get a letter, or do the on-line status check to see if there was a problem identified? As I mentioned, you can also call to check status. The Florida Dept Ag employees I spoke to were uniformly super polite and helpful. None of the "WTF do you want?" attitude typical when you contacting a NJ "public servant". However, if you want to do that, you best be pressing the "dial" button at 8:00 AM sharp, as the queue gets long very quickly...
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