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  1. Found this on Reddit from Danielsen’s FB. Danielsen sure changed his tune since last year. Wonder if all the no-show state jobs thrown his way and to his wife has anything to do with it?
  2. A field or pasture land that is no longer tilled and has become overgrown with a sparse growth of trees.
  3. The same people who check your magazines at the range or check your muzzle brake to ensure it’s pinned & welded and ensure their bulbous pinky can’t penetrate the muzzle. I hear the State has hired another 87,000 armed checkers to perform these mundane tasks.
  4. Add to that list judge’s, prosecutor’s, mayor’s and wealthy A-listers of the community who have them. They will be affected as well.
  5. These mods have spurred a resurgence in the lever action market. Here’s another: https://fightlite.com/herring-mod24
  6. I was wrong, in some counties and towns, folks have been successful in getting their PTC’s. But it’s a trickle. Although completely dumbfounded, it didn’t take long for the common sense crowd in Trenton to put pen to paper and draft all-encompassing restrictions, which made it through a review today. October 27th we may find out just how far and how ugly Trenton intends to take this.
  7. Isn’t ANJRPC’s suit regarding magazine capacity to go back to fifteen rounds? I thought that’s what I heard Scott Bach say on GFH Radio.
  8. The NSSF is the only entity star-rating ranges. And the only two I know that are rated by them are RTSP & Reloaderz. Yelp & Google reviews don’t count in the shooting world.
  9. Maybe they’ll have their self-appointed 6 star kinks worked out in time for the official grand opening in October? Let’s wait and see.
  10. It goes into effect Sept 1st. Orange County has already stopped fingerprinting applicants. What training regimen and how to review social media accounts is to be determined still and is up in the air. The lawsuits can’t come fast enough https://www.orangecountygov.com/DocumentCenter/View/25629/220818-Revision-1-Announcement-Suspending-Fingerprinting
  11. A perfect storm awaits: https://newjerseymonitor.com/2022/08/17/judicial-vacancies-poised-to-edge-past-2020-high/
  12. They’re running a business. After dealing with three self-inflicted incidents, I think they’re correct in their decision.
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