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  1. Not to sound facetious but what actually happens at something like this?
  2. When I saw that in CNN I was amazed at the audacity. They're really preying on the ignorance of laypeople who know nothing about guns by calling these mags a "modification."
  3. Now I'm tempted to get better storage for all my tools... those gang boxes are a really good idea. Thank you all!
  4. It's actually so bad. I didn't even know a chunk was stuck in the barrel until I decided to just clean it out for the first time before shooting. I had to push it out with a cleaning rod. Imagine I actually fired like that? I'll see if Steelworx are better in 22LR. It would be good to have something that cycles well in lever actions and semi auto. For centerfire, I have very good experience with A-Zoom in most calibers.
  5. Curious, anyone come across reliable .22LR or 22 win mag snap caps? I tried these: TechStudio 3D snap caps on Amazon. It's weak plastic. My lever action sliced it in half and got a chunk stuck in the barrel! My revolver shatters them after one or two shots. I also tried Steelworx in 22 win mag, but they are not precisely sized. My revolver does not cycle with them and they get a bit stuck in the cylinder. Any thoughts or experiences?
  6. Happy Mothers Day to all past, present and future mothers!
  7. Hey All, Wondering if you guys have thoughts on decently secure storage for multiple handguns (eg. 4+). Not necessarily meant to be "bedside." I keep a few in a cabinet with my long guns but it's getting crowded Something simple and discreet is preferred. Thank you in advance!
  8. I thought the mental health check only went back ten years. It would be ideal to not have a rejected application on record. It might be best to consult with a lawyer, especially given the disorderly conduct offense which may have been a violation and not a crime.
  9. 5c per round is a big deal! I hope this bill isn't contagious to other states.
  10. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/ghost-gun-bust-reveals-arsenal-at-nyc-apartment-prosecutors/3658618/ The article suggests he had 80% lower kits shipped to him, but AFAIK that's not possible/legal in NY. I'm guessing whatever he did broke the law. Somehow I don't imagine most criminals using handloads. Sounds like a curious person more than a violent criminal, but the law's the law.
  11. I'm glad I got a case of Wolf when I did. I'm sure that in time other manufacturers will step in to fill the niche.
  12. Details here: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/04/19/army-picks-its-replacement-m4-and-saw.html
  13. That's what bugged me: it seemed simpler. Interestingly, leveling it out was enough to change the relative cowitness but the zero is the same. I also used a file; I slowly filed the front pegs down until I couldn't notice any light bleeding through the gap. Maybe silly, but I figure more contact is good and I don't want any unnecessary stress on the screws.
  14. Thanks for sharing! I was hesitant to touch the front posts but after shaving them down carefully I now have a tight fit against the plate and it holds onto the shortened posts well Thanks all!
  15. Nice setup Hmmm... did you do anything but grind down the rear pegs? It's only really apparent if I look hard. See the sliver of that white cloth that bleeds through on the plate. It's like the front pegs are too tall or something. If I'm not staring right at it, it looks fine. I'm new to red dots so forgive the potential silliness of this; I just don't want to screw anything up in either direction.
  16. I considered the Burris Fastfire 3 since that seems popular. I already have the mounting plate for it.
  17. This surprised me as well. The phone rep said it was discontinued two years ago and couldn't cite a specific reason why. Maybe it was just a guestimate on their part. Apparently each bundle (eg. 18rd mags, 10rd mags, etc.) has a different model code as well. Maybe their whole system just got confused. So far the story has evolved from: Send to third party for bluing -> Waiting for barrel from Italy -> ... Waiting for barrel from US -> Barrel from Italy expected last week -> Your model's discontinued and you're getting a replacement. The replacement is the right model with NJ compliant mags, so I really don't mind.
  18. I was tempted to go for the 92X performance, looks really nice. Yeah, I sent them a 92X RDO full size and they're sending me a newer model of the same line. It's whacky but, again, can't complain
  19. UPDATE: Today I learned that my particular 92X model was discontinued... two years ago. So the barrel would never come. I have literally asked about exactly this and was reassured all the way up to an expected shipment last week. On the plus side, Beretta will give me a completely new replacement. I can't complain, but it all seems so bizarre. Unsurprisingly, it's on back order with no ETA.
  20. He touches that like it was diseased. It would be more interesting if he actually put it together and then swept the audience. Like Feinstein.
  21. So, here goes: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2022/04/11/fact-sheet-the-biden-administration-cracks-down-on-ghost-guns-ensures-that-atf-has-the-leadership-it-needs-to-enforce-our-gun-laws/ A couple years ago, I didn't even know "ghost guns" existed yet apparently they're one of the biggest problems in this country. According to this, anything without a serial number must have one prior to sale. It's funny that the citation link is broken. This page is a whole ton of BS, but even if you don't care about "ghost guns", pay mind to this: I would like to see the actual text of the rule rather than press releases or news articles.
  22. Here is a big example of "ghost gun" needlessly being highlighted. There was a shooting in the Bronx amongst teenagers, with two wounded and one girl killed. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/person-of-interest-questioned-in-deadly-shooting-of-bronx-honor-student/3638497/ An entire paragraph is spent on: This reminds me of when regular people would actually repeat "high powered assault rifle" in normal conversation. So yes, the public is actively being trained to fear "ghost guns" just like they were for the AWB. It's honestly one of the scariest concepts in modern society. Most articles mention "ghost guns", though NBC goes as far to make you hate law-abiding citizens. The person charged for this murder is a 17-year old boy who definitely cannot legally own a gun in NYC: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10702675/NYC-girl-16-killed-crossfire-near-Bronx-high-school-Friday-beautiful-soul.html
  23. I definitely noticed "ghost gun" become the latest buzz word for at least the last year (like "high powered assault rifle" was around the AWB expiration). Pretty much every article on random gun-related crimes squeezes in "ghost gun" somewhere; they really mean "illegally acquired gun that cannot be traced back to the perpetrator."
  24. I'm in the same boat with being out of the gym this whole time. I imagine a strong core being essential to shooting as with anything else. Not sure if grip strength is a huge focus specifically, but shoulders and back may be surprisingly important for stable aim. Am also interested in any advice here.
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