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  1. 10th works too. Do I have to get up at 5am and watch the local new to see if it is canceled like we did for snow days
  2. how far is it from when you park to the pad? I have three cases of clays and can't carry all that in one trip, should I bring a wagon?
  3. someone going to put up signs for where to go, valet parking? HAHAHAHAHAHA...
  4. He is we goto the range together. He has shot the 20ga. Just never shot clays
  5. Any age restrictions? If I can wake the boy up that early he may come. He is 15 I am sure I will have extra..
  6. Ok closest dicks that has Clay's is apx 45 miles in PA. if I take the ride this weekend anyone else need some? Also how many do you go through in a day? A friend was passing through and picked up some for me
  7. If I take a trip to Dicks in PA this weekend anyone else need some clays?
  8. "If you will be joining the fun, please let us know how many will attend and what you are bringing so we can plan for supplies." I am coming, I am trying to bring a friend (who also has never done this) I will deff bring my 20ga and maybe the 12ga ( I don't want to shoot that one all day. It gets pain full after 50 rds). So anyone is welcome to use the other one I am not using. I case of Clays. A Chair and some water. If anyone has any other suggestions LMK. My 1st time
  9. THANK YOU for tagging me. Do I need a 12ga or can I bring my 20ga? I just checked with the wife. We are not doing anything that day. I am good to go. Also what is a good price for clays... I found this online. Can't be $9.00 for 90 clays can it? https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/champion-standard-clay-targets-90-count-17ctguchmpn90ctcltgs/17ctguchmpn90ctcltgs
  10. and when you get to 75 you'll fill a B cup. J/K LOL
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