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  1. Brought to you by "The Blaze"
  2. No drum mags are illegal and all the laws we passed prevented the disenfranchised person from having one.
  3. H2oVento

    Stupid Big Gun

    my sister kick me in the ______ once, Once
  4. GFH, Gun Lawyer, and Mark Levin
  5. That is why it said in your owners manual to check oil every time you get gas. No one takes the time to read it
  6. 1qt every 1000 miles of oil use is industry standard. Unless your subraru they say 1qt in 1100 miles
  7. soooooooo confusing... lets all play hurry up and wait.
  8. I will share one from yesterday, Lady calls up and said her car is leaking oil. We changed the oil 7 days ago. She noticed the leak 6 days after we changed the oil. " I KNOW YOU CAUSED IT TO LEAK" now your taking up my whole day. She made it sound like she lived so far away. A whole 7 miles from the dealer. She comes down put car on lift. Bone dry, no leaks, not even a drop of spilled oil. She was so mad that nothing was wrong with her car. She was the pure deff of a Karen. God help the world is going to hell in a hand basket.
  9. more than a million I have been in the biz 18 years. "You can't makes this shit up" is everyday
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