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  1. and when you get to 75 you'll fill a B cup. J/K LOL
  2. Tec ops did a quick vid on you tube. You press the slide adjuster and just pull
  3. Four Boxed diner posted almost the same thing the other night. I think we are running out of time, the courts just moving to slow.
  4. Tech Ops https://techopsinternational.com/ was getting something together to make in NJ comply I haven't seen it yet
  5. wonder if this will fit on my Troy.... Thank you for posting this up
  6. Dunkin every day on the way to work, and the junk they serve at work but free
  7. never had one issue with a mag that was pinned. Who is pinning them?
  8. I just read that 5 min before you posted...
  9. oldguy thx for the update. I have been following them
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