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  1. "PTR-32. 7.62x39. Cool gun. Bonus points for HK Slap. Not really much to say about this gun as it is stock from the factory. Pretty damn accurate with the LPVO on there. LPVO not included. " someone buy this quick... because I want it, but really don't need to spend the $$ right now.
  2. RTSP free rental for OCT handgun or long gun. I think I am going for an AK. Been a long time since I shot one.
  3. Message me. I will see what I got when I get home tonight
  4. Just picked up my new progressive glasses yesterday. all I can say is strange but now I can see again. Whitout haveing to lay out another 300-400 for script glasses. I found these on Amazon.https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08K4FCNX1/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 Its like progressive readers with the magnified portion on top. I will report once I try em out. I fig for $30.00 its worth a shot. Or trying to find something that goes over my glasses.
  5. Just found out I am now far sited as well as near sited. I damaged my glasses 5 weeks ago and have been useinga pair of 20 year old glasses till my new ones are in. I got progressive lenses coming (1st time). My question has anyone had prescription turned into shooting glasses. my DR. dosen't do that. If so who made them cost etc, or just get a pair of shooting glasses that go over your script. Just starting to look into this. ie I pick up the new ones on Monday.
  6. The reason you have a knife is because its a tool, and thats ok. If you say its for protection than it becomes a weapon. NOT OK
  7. https://normashooting.com/shop/caliber/handgun/9mm-luger/9mm-124-gr-fmj-norma-range-training-qty-50/?mc_cid=4af7b1e87a&mc_eid=201ae107a8
  8. Good read. https://www.pewpewtactical.com/weekly-wrap-brace-update-military-red-flag-laws/
  9. Now I want to shoot a Glock 34. Shot plenty of 17's and 19's
  10. For HD in NJ I think your best bet is a PCC. Like a Troy or DD
  11. I picked up a NEW SXP on gunbroker for under $300
  12. Glock is like an all season tire. Not great at anything, but good at everything. If it boils down to just $$ the Glock wins. If not than the HK wins every time.
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