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  1. Brownells has only small rifle - I want small pistol
  2. Nope. All used for my .22-250
  3. Need a 1000 small pistol primers Offering 1000 209 primers in exchange.
  4. ******************************************************************************************** THIS NuB NEEDS A TEASER NAME ******************************************************************************************** Today I stripped my gun apart to upgrade.... Today I found 2 things: 1. I am a damn NuB 2. The gun was shipped without the gas piston assembly !! As i followed videos and instructions to strip the gun and change parts, every video was removing the piston assembly for cleaning - AND I COULD FIND WHERE MINE WAS !! CONCLUSION: The gun was shipped w/o a gas piston assembly - or the dealer or someone in the supply chain needed one for themselves and my moss was handy!! Guys thanks a lot for trying to help this NuB - My VOTE OF GOES TO THE GUY WHO SAID DID YOU CLEAN AND LUBE IT BEFORE USING Had i done that i would have discovered the missing part 2 months ago and things would have been different. Ordered the part from Mossberg - I was so angry (at myself) that i ordered overnight shipping - cant make to see the damn thing work flawlessly. Now i have following OR3GUN items installed: Multiuse spacer Comp. Forearm retainer Comp mag follower Multi-use spring plunger 4 pos. ASR Enhanced Bolt Release and, Oversized loading lever Best part is, - none of these were on my radar - none of them were required Still got a fully upgraded Moss 930 - without a gas piston assembly !! :-) Please - tease me and chide me and give me a funny name - make this something for me to remember for the rest of my life. p.s.: Will post photos once the gun starts working...
  5. Url for the low drag follower? In case the or3gun follower does not work.. Thanks
  6. That's my take aswell on the moss 930 - cycles very fast rounds- rem gold partitions, but not slower ones - federal slugs, trap loads etc. Changing/upgrading to or3gun Internals to manage lighter loads - will also give me the opportunity to clean the gun inside out.
  7. Don't want a Beretta. Moss has good reviews... I should be able to get it to cycle effectively. And is not about cleaning every 200-300 rounds, it's not seen even 30 rounds yet. It will work, it must work, because so many swear by it !! Could be a mfg issue or just dumb old me - will open clean thoroughly and put is back together again tomorrow and then take her out to shoot... Will posy the experience - OR SHOUT FOR HELP...
  8. Got a new one. Moss 930 with 2 barrels field and rifled slug. Does not cycle rounds... Bought a whole bunch of OR3GUN upgrades. Will be installing them this weekend - IN THE HOPE THEY WILL MAKE THE GUN WORK.
  9. Hi, Want to start reloading. 9mm, .22-250, 12ga trap, 12 ga sabots I am in Bridgewater. Any experienced reloaders care to teach ? regards,
  10. I got nine in 29 days. Got the fingerprinting done out of state. You must have collected by now - howitzer shooting? Just picked up a Sig 9mm Legion, waiting for NCIS...
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