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  1. pull the stock off clean the spring area, lube with oil, as for the chamber i just used some spray cleaner/oil wiped it out a few times and used a few drops of oil. As for the barrel i just used a bore snake, good to go. This thing shoots great so much fun, i took it to the range for the first time a put 500rds through it no issues. so much fun! enjoy!
  2. ok well i went to fill out my paperwork, it is indeed pinned on the stock and the faux suppressor, which means you fully cant take it apart but he was showing me that you can still clean it good with out doing a full take down. its very nice btw
  3. i wont know the exact details till i get down there this saturday. didn't have a chance to get there this past weekend to fill out my nics. ill keep you posted
  4. unfortunately 2 trips nics is backed up about a week they said. but it is what it is. $549.00 + tax and nics all complete NJ compliant which i asked about having them do if i had one shipped to them, they told me it would cost about 100 bucks to do. so in the end its worth it.
  5. well. howell gun works ended up getting 2 more in and are all set NJ compliant so i ended up just buying on from them to make life easier.
  6. thanks for all the info guys. now i just need to find an FFL who will pin it etc. howell is a little far for me if i buy one. can be very frustrating with all these stipulations etc. anyone have any good FFL in north nj who could do this ?
  7. call me crazy but, you can see the threads are clearly on the silver barrel end. he pushes the whole assembly out of the housing and thats where the threads are it appears
  8. but also because the fake suppressor tech threads onto the barrel itself does that have to be pinned? only reason im asking is because if you pin it to the barrel you wont be able to take it apart to properly clean it etc as shown in the video below
  9. Hey everyone i saw that HK released the MP5 .22lr a couple months ago. i saw Howell gun works was selling them but im unsure if they are legit legal in NJ. My only reasons being is "MP5" in on the official NJ BANNED gun list, the fake suppressor needs to be unscrewed off the threaded barrel to be taken apart to clean and to my knowledge it would have to be pinned correct? Also the adjustable stock would have to be pinned as well. I really would like to purchase this if indeed it is or can be made legal in NJ. please let me know thank you very much
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