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  1. 1 Week bump Still have 30-30 Win and .35 Rem. No stock of .35 Rem on ammoseek.
  2. EDIT: Only 30-30 Win left Selling a mix of new and old stock rifle rounds that I won't go through in a lifetime. *Willing to sell each caliber set individually but must buy all rounds* Located in Long Hill Twp (07946) and will meet within a 20 min driving distance 30-30 Win - 400 Rounds for $500 Remington Core Lokt 150 Gr SP Herter's 150 Gr SP Mix of old stock Federal 170 Gr SP Hi-Shok and Remington 170 Gr Core-Lokt SP *SOLD* 35 Rem - 120 Rounds for $300 Old stock 200 Gr SP Hi-Shok (6 boxes total, 1 not shown) *SOLD*30-06 - 193 Rounds for $200 Old stock Federal (5 boxes) 180 Gr SP Hi-Shok, Federal (1 box) 165 Gr Boat-tail SP, Remington 180 Gr Core-Lokt SP The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale!
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