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  1. Also check out sdbullion and apmex. At this point, with surging premiums, stick with the lowest premium billion bars and rounds.
  2. For Bergen County, anyone happen to know what docket # they are up to now? It will be in the form of GP-BER-####-22. The court clerk says she's not aware of what number they are up to, and that apps are being processed.
  3. Think about it from a disabled person’s standpoint. 25 yds may very well be a self defense distance, as they may not have the time or ability to duck and dodge or retreat.
  4. I have to disagree. When you’re hunting, you’re shooting at an animal, and if you miss, the shot will likely hit something like a tree or something else with little consequence. In a self defense situation, there’s a higher likelihood that other people with be around, whether it’s a neighbor, passersby, other people in a store, etc. That’s where accuracy and control really matter. I’m all for qualifying with 50 rounds at different distances, and even some using weak hand, and in different positions. The stakes are so high that we really don’t want inexperienced shooters out and about.
  5. Yes, do that, and shrink down a copy to fit in your wallet. They never said how big the copy had to be.
  6. Exactly!! The Fed is printing money left and right. Gold and silver have a known above ground supply, and mining is getting less cost effective. I’ll take my chances with metals as a portion of my portfolio.
  7. The Browning Buckmark is a good choice as well! Enjoy!
  8. Reminds me of when I was in bootcamp. Prior to joining the military, I was busting my ass working two jobs. Bootcamp was fairly easy for me, but not for most. The goal of drill instructors is to break people down to the same basic level. Get rid of the egos. Shave everyone’s head and get them into the same clothing. Remove individuality. Get people to work as a team. Teach very basic skills at the level of the least common denominator. Seems pretty simple. Au contraire! The simple act of following basic instructions to fold underwear and tee shirts was mind boggling to some. Nothing against people from the south, but they seemed like the slowest, weakest link in the bunch. No matter how many times you teach them how to fold a tee shirt, they still managed to screw it up. Think of the movie Platoon. Plenty of examples in that movie. Where am I going with this, and how does this apply to this thread? No matter how hard you try to teach someone something, they just may not be able to focus and absorb what you are telling them. It could be nerves, lack of confidence, lack of concentration, or they just don’t give a damn. That’s why it’s so important that instructors doing CCW qualifications do not just push people through and pass them if they don’t know the basics of handgun safety, operation and marksmanship. Fail them and make them practice some more and pay to qualify again. We shouldn’t settle for mediocrity just to have more people with guns on their hips. Let’s prove the left wrong by promoting safe and responsible concealed carry.
  9. Amen to that, brother!! Let’s all set the example for responsible ownership and lawful carry.
  10. You’re making the point that is obvious to so many, which is that precious metals are severely over leveraged. The real value will only be realized when we return to a true 1:1 correlation of contracts to ounces. The inherent issue with the current system is that the market is misrepresenting how much physical metal is actually available, suppressing the price. This house of cards will come tumbling down and those who actually hold physical will finally be rewarded for taking physical off the market. The game is almost over. This rigged system cannot continue much longer.
  11. Very well said. If you can’t score above 90% out to 15 yards, you have no business carrying a gun. I saw so many people that looked like they just bought their gun and then tried to qualify, but failed. Couldn’t even perform basic safe handling. Do us all a favor and practice, get some training, and then try to qualify.
  12. There’s a concerted effort by some countries to get away from the dollar as the world’s currency. The new Chinese digital yuan will be backed by physical commodities. It will be easy for countries to covert it into physical gold and silver. Don’t kid yourself. The dollar won’t be the world’s reserve currency for much longer.
  13. LeaveNJ


    Excellent advice! Get a hardware wallet and transfer your crypto to it. Secure your recovery passphrase.
  14. LeaveNJ


    Once the conservatives take back control after the midterms, the stock market will settle down and start a comeback. At the same time, crypto will start its recovery. It’s a good time to DCO the top 20 or so crypto now. Make it a comfortable portion of your portfolio. Consider physical silver now as well. Comex contracts are net long now. Institutions are demanding physical. I think we’re going to see a nice pop this coming year.
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