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  1. Wow - great responses - thanks guys! I should have mentioned that the intent is SD, but I've learned that I need to and think I will have interest in visiting a range at least quarterly (maybe more!!!) because the full frame guns felt good in my hands. I have ZERO people I can bring with me to a range for a rental. I wanted to do that, but saw that every place required two or more renters. Not sure how that stops a suicide, but whatever. @Krdshrk That's real interesting. I'm only about 35 minutes away, so I probably will attend. What do I need to bring? @dajonga - Interesting feedback. LEHT is a trip, but for good reason, I can still afford gas.
  2. I have my permit and went to my 1st gun store to see some guns I had watched videos about. Most I asked about were small semi-automatic pistols which were called out as good for concealed carry. Since that's not possible in NJ, it was never a factor - they just seemed like good options. When I went to the store and held some, they didn't feel right to me. I don't have big hands, but the grip didn't feel comfortable being short. I tried some full frame pistols and they felt right. One was all steel and I expected it to feel heavy, but it wasn't and with no clip, felt really balanced. So I think I want a full framed semi-automatic 9mm. Not sure about all steel or not. As a new shooter, I think I prefer multiple safeties like a manual safety and a trigger safety. I'm trying to stay under $500, but can go a little higher. I would really prefer American made. Can you guys give me some suggestions? Also, I'm leery of a used gun that might need more maintenance, but might consider it. Any thoughts on a 1st time owner buying used? Thank you!
  3. Thank you all! I found my email and downloaded my card. Now... which gun to buy? I'll create another post.
  4. So default 90 days, but 180 if I ask for an extension?
  5. Hi, I received my NJ FID and have been a little slow purchasing my first handgun. I thought I have 90 days, but was also told 180 days. What is correct? Also, does that apply to long guns or is there no time limit for purchasing long guns? Thank you.
  6. Thanks again everyone for great advice! Yeah - primarily for self defense. I own a house, will take a course, won't be hunting, probably will go to a range for practice and refreshers. Maybe it will become a hobby - we'll see? My wife cannot handle even seeing guns in movies (childhood event) so she will NEVER be involved or see them. She knows I'm getting them, but I didn't tell her I applied last night. So they will have to be in a safe in the basement which is an issue for rapid response emergencies, but my hand are tied - it's my only option. Even hidden furniture or wall safe's I've seen will not fly here. The few guns I've read about are like $1,200 - $1,500. I'll have to look into suggestions here. I read the Glock story, but plastic body guns seem strange to me and the light weight having more recoil feels like a concern, but I know nothing. I sold my grandfather's 100 year old vest pocket .25's to a store in N Jersey about 4 years ago. They have an indoor range too. I like the idea of renting and trying, so maybe that place will work.
  7. Congratulations! You have successfully submitted the Application for Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit. FINALLY!!! GUYS - THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Everyone here has been very patient and helpful. I really appreciate it. All new to me. My wife has been so uncomfortable with guns in the house, but given the circumstances and threats to our rights, she has come around to accepting it - but still uncomfortable. I followed your advice and applied for two permits w/the FID. I can't afford more than two, maybe not even two guns. Not so cheap. The Identigo thing was such a hassle. I got a slot in 10 days. Next... what gun to buy. I saw a couple of interesting guns, but they are out of my price range.
  8. , drivers license and pass the NICS check. No PP necessary and no limit on the number purchased. What FID card?
  9. Thanks again for the advice everyone! My plan has been one handgun, one rifle. @My1stGlock I agree for just $2 extra, get a second permit, but I really don't expect to use it. The application says " you may not be able to execute each permit within the one hundred and eighty (180) day period that each permit may be valid for." It goes bad after 90 or 180 days? As a first time applicant, might the local police be resistant to giving me a permit for multiple guns? For the rifle, (after I have the handgun) what will I need to do to buy it?
  10. Thanks guys for the great responses. Again so happy to be part of the community here. Technically, I still also own a business, that barely produces revenue, but I am the president and pay minimum NJ corp tax (don't get me started) and it has business banking accounts. I thought of putting that down, but don't want to get caught up in the fraud warnings on the application. What do you guys think? Thank you!
  11. Hello - glad to be here! I'm planning to make my first firearm purchase and ready to apply for a permit. My concern is the section on employment. I just started a new job this week. I don't know how my employer will view me if they get a call from police asking about me - especially if they mention why. My questions are: Do they typically call an employer to verify employment to issue a permit? How does employment have any relevancy to gun ownership? Thank you!
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