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  1. It *is* unambiguous, I agree. That said, I wouldn't put it past an overzealous NJ prosecutor to make a big deal out of the fact that you Qualified with Gun A, but shot someone in self-defense with Gun B. Seems to me if they wanted to go that route, they'd have to argue that your "lack of demonstrated competence" caused you to shoot the attacker when you wouldn't have otherwise. Makes no sense. Now - I wonder - if you shot in self-defense, but (God Forbid) harmed an innocent bystander in the process...seems like they might be able to use an argument that you're "not competent" with Gun B in *that* scenario.
  2. No argument with what you said, SC. I don't know if you lived in the PRNJ prior to moving to SC, but knowing this State and some of its prosecutors...I'm gonna Qual with both guns. Same reason (kicking hornet's nest ;-) I use Hornady Critical Defense or Duty as my SD ammo - I don't want them to even get a toenail in the door ;-). Spud
  3. Thanks to both of you. Mr. Stu, your logic (qualify with both) makes a lot of sense, especially from the legal standpoint.
  4. If I qualify (concealed carry) with, say, a Sig M17, but then i want to carry a Sig P365 (or any other NJ legal handgun, for that matter), can I? Or would i have to qualify with every handgun I want to carry (which is ludicrous, but I wouldn't put that past Murphy)? Thanks, Spud
  5. As the OP, I'd like to thank the Yank for that incredibly thoughtful and useful post. Never miss an opportunity to divide - and to turn an otherwise civil discussion to sh*t.
  6. "i think that whatever the rules/laws regarding this should be the exact same for law enforcement as they are for us." Totally Agree - and if that means no cannabis for those of us who want to exercise our 2A rights - so be it. Just means those of us who also have chronic pain (all day, every day) will have to find something "legal" (like opioids) to handle it. Better? Dunno - but that's the way it is. Spud (OP)
  7. Duly noted. But I'm not a cop, so that exemption doesn't apply to me. I have a chronic pain issue (OK, pile on, call me a pussy, I can take it) and I'd rather not take opioids. Spud
  8. Apologies if this has been hashed to death here - I did try searching first. I know the Medical cannabis issue - weed is still illegal at the Federal level - so when you get your medical card, there is an easy way (when you apply for that next handgun permit) for "the authorities" to figure out who has guns and is using cannabis. What do we think the legal picture will be like for "recreational" use after 4/21/22? It follows that you'll still be doing something illegal from the DEA's perspective - and so (in the Feds' eyes), you can't own a firearm. What does/will NJ law say? How will they track recreational use? Is there a records system in place for tracking said use? Thoughts? Thanks. Spud
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