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  1. Hey guys, I live in central/north NJ (exit 137 on GSP) and I’m looking for a competent gunsmith who can install my two (already purchased) rmr mounts on both a Kimber Micro 9 and a SW Bodyguard 380. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m not in a super rush but would love to have them done in 3-4 weeks, at the longest (if beggars can be choosers). thanks!
  2. So I take reading this that the doors to applying for and obtaining a concealed carry permit have now officially opened in the state of Nj (providing you meet this criteria)? https://www.njoag.gov/acting-ag-platkin-issues-directive-clarifying-requirements-for-carrying-firearms-in-public-in-wake-of-supreme-courts-decision/
  3. I’m actually without words. I really am surprised (and super happy) that they landed the way they did. That said, what happens next for Nj?
  4. Oh that’s awesome! I’m gonna use the Ft Dix range then but all this other info is great!!! Thanks!!!
  5. So, I snoozed and lost since I am now learning that the Fort Dix range is closed. I’m looking through this forum and struggling to find an open outdoor range that is open to the general public. Is there any other outdoor ranges open in NJ that don’t require hefty up front membership fees? Don’t know if it matters, but I’m a military veteran, if there is a range that offers deals to veterans. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey, so forgive me for my ignorance, but what has stopped companies like Stoeger (who have an 18” double barrel “coach” style shotgun) or countless Turkish companies from releasing a shorter barrel version? One would think that it being only a 2 round Nj-style assault weapon, it would have a bit more leeway but I’ve yet to see anything like it (though I think chiappa, company that makes the rhino revolver, just released a shorter barrel lever action “mare‘a leg” shotgun). Is there something I’m missing?
  7. Okay, so let’s say someone takes the wildly optimistic stance and firmly believes this is going to change the possibility of applying for and receiving a concealed carry permit—what, if any, certification/classes should one take in anticipation of the rulings (since I imagine there will be a rush on any such offerings)?
  8. Hello guys, So after years of following the ups and downs (mostly downs) regarding the possibility for Nj residents to realistically obtain concealed carry permits, I truthfully gave up…however, I was browsing the forum and read something about the upcoming Supreme Court’s June ruling regarding the recognition of self defense as suitable grounds for concealed carry application/permit. I tried to find out more info but I couldn’t find anything. I promise, I’m not just taking the lazy way out and I will do my best to pay it forward in answering others’ questions—even if they are as basic as this one. bottom line: is there real reason to have hope? Could I have been wrong in giving up any chance of ever seeing a concealed carry license in my lifetime?
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