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  1. Well, if the pants don't give any, then something else must. My mid section tummy isn't..let's say, pliable enough move around and allow that insertions at 4:00 without a bit more room in my pants. Grizz, however, appears to be a bit more fortunate in that respect?
  2. Different body types have differing needs. I've got small slim build. For aiwb, I wear my regular jeans. There always seems to be just enough available space in the appendix spot. When using my iwb at the 4 o'clock position, I have to move up a size. The slim pants idea for the larger size is a great idea. I'll try that on my next purchase.
  3. After getting my permit in December, I convinced a friend to get his application in before the cost went up with the new law. It's now 4 months with the Sparta police and he's still waiting. There are no problems on my friend's part. The department just doesn't seem to be getting anything issued. My friend was told a couple weeks ago that the SPD is working on applications from late October. Something appears amiss to me. At this rate it could be June or July for him. Anyone hearing similar stories?
  4. You guys must have expansive size and number of pockets. If I could wear tactical pants that would work. Pocket space is in short supply for me and they are tight. I have enough trouble keeping my keys, change and pocket knife accessible with appendix carry. II'll have to carry my extra mag on support side of my belt, just like in my tactical gun courses. That's the only place that will work with my jeans or slacks. You've inspired me to start with that today. Thanks.
  5. Just wondering if most are carrying a spare mag or not.? I haven't yet, as it's been moore vabout figuring out the matching of clothes and holsters to stay concealed. The summer is definitely going to be a bit more challenging as a newbie to keep concealed. I'm a small framed guy and shirts just don't seem to drape loosely on me. Good thing is that even when I think someone should be able to see the printing, they just don't. They aren't programmed to look for it, I guess.
  6. AINIRO Portable Gun Safes for Pistols - Gun Safe with Built-in Handle, Biometric Gun Safe for Handgun with Fingerprint, Keypad and RFID Card, Pistol Safe for Truck, Travel, Beside Nightstand, Drawer https://a.co/d/42XpotE Here's the one I got. It is 8 x 11 x 3. Even for my low slung, sporty two door coup, it works. I wish the cable were a little longer, though.
  7. Mine is somewhat similar you yours. I provided a copy of the court order along with a copy of the nj ccw permit. No issues whatsoever. Got mine through Pike county in 6 days with $20 fee.
  8. Two things. As i mentioned earlier, the statute refers to a "prohibited parking lot" in multiple spots. Most sensitive places I travel to don't translate into a "prohibited parking lot". Admittedly, this isn't all that clear. We can hope they clean that up after the court cases finishes up. Beyond that, though, I'm thinking general safety against any negligent or accidental discharge. I've had over 200 hours of live tactical training, including threat engagement from inside a vehicle. That training, inside a vehicle that is, was the most stressful, dangerous place to be handling a pistol. That doesn't make me an expert, but it certainly influences my decision making. The least administrative handling, the better. Unloading and loading inside a car is one of, if not the most risky place to do so. For me, avoiding that far outweighs the negatives of having it locked up, loaded in safe, and attached to the car by a cable and out of sight. I haven't lived anywhere other than NJ as an adult, but my cursory searches of other locations suggest that most probably lock it up loaded in a safe under the seat just like that when leaving it in a car. As to any negatives of doing that, I'm not even certain what the negatives would be. I'm curious what you believe those negatives might be. And doing any of this standing by the trunk just wouldn't be discreet and would invites unnecessary trouble. Last, I live where any concern of a daytime car break in is non-existent. Maybe I'd have a different opinion if living somewhere else.
  9. As the laws were written, there was no carrying in a car, as it was a sensitive place in and of itself. That's resulting in confusion and ambiguity about what to do now. So, absent needed guidance, I purchased a small biometric gun safe. It has a cable attached to the seat frame and fits under the driver's seat from behind. My holsters are not the easiest to get on or off, so it's only the pistol that's removed and locked up. I leave it fully loaded. I really don't want to be unloading and loading in the car. If an accidental discharge ever happens, that's the most likely way it would occur, so I'm just not doing it. How's everyone else handling this when needing to leave it in the car?
  10. Not sure the quoted law applies to regular storage before entering a sensitive place. It references "prohibited parking" areas which isn't exactly what the OP is asking about. For me, as well, I don't know of many prohibited parking lots. I'm thinking along the lines of the doctors office or the post office, both in strip mall type settings. The ultimate destination is not allowed as a sensitive location. Under the TRO, the parking lot, however, is not a prohibited parking area.
  11. So, what exactly are the storage requirements when leaving the gun in car due to sensitive places limitations? Can it be locked up in a safe in the car fully loaded? I for one, have no desire to load And unload a pistol in the car or standing outside by the trunk.
  12. RTSP. These were for new guns shipped to them. The disclosure you sign indicates that the mags may not hold ten till after they wear in. I'm not happy about that, but figured it was typical. I guess not.
  13. Maybe with toddlers around, a quick access safe is in your future. Having new grandkids that are just starting to walk, all my guns are locked away when they are visiting. There will be plenty of time to teach them about gun safety. But for now the only way to roll around and interact with them is when guns are locked up. Your mention of a gun barrel always facing the wrong way is really disturbing, though.
  14. I don't disagree, but he wanted to know why he was told that, and now he knows. FYI, almost every mag I had pinned needs loading down 1. The simply fact is that if you can't load it full or can't rack the slide after loading full, you have no choice but to load it down one.
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