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  1. I just spoke with the court and was told they are on case 144. I called then a couple weeks ago and was told at that time they were in the low hundreds. So it seems they are progressing at around 20 a week. I'm number 157 so that should get tackled this week. I'll be at 30 days at the court on Friday. It was about 60 days at the local police.
  2. Your information from 10/7 may not have been accurate. I spoke with them on the 19th, last Wednesday, and was told they were working on the low 100's. That would mean they completed 20 some odd applications on Friday. That's still not great progress but it is consistent with what they have indicated.
  3. Safariland 575 https://safariland.com/products/model-575-iwb-gls-pro-fit-holster-model_575
  4. I just got a callback from the court. Part of my information seems to contradict what's already posted here concerning case numbers. My application was forwarded by Sparta police to the court at the end of September. I'm case number 157 and was told that case numbers in the low hundreds are currently being worked on. He volunteered that Fridays are set aside to focus on it, though he didn't say Fridays are exclusively focused on it. He also suggested they are getting 25 ish a week done, so it could be a couple more weeks to get mine processed. Having made my initial application on August 4th, that would put me at just under 90 days start to finish.
  5. Anyone know exactly who or what specific dept at the courthouse you call to confirm receipt of the application and to get a case number? Thanks.
  6. There are ways to carry other than holsters; Think purses or tactical shoulder bags. What if you choose to not use a holster at all, or would that not be allowed. The whole retention strap thing is ridiculous. But then so is the rest of it. Just when you thought you were making real progress you get gobsmacked upside the face.
  7. My application and fingerprints were done & submitted on Aug.4th. The Sparta township police called today to indicate that they are just now contacting my references. Clearly they are in no rush to get this done and forwarded to the court. I guess with the delays at the court level, it's probably of no actual consequence to me that the application hasn't been forwarded on yet..
  8. I submitted mine to Sparta on Aug 4th. No news, though I haven't called them. My references haven't been contacted, so maybe they aren't doing that. I have on the calendar to call them this week since it's been over a month. I'll post what I find out. FYI, I had to have the fingerprints completed before they would take the application, so they had everything needed from day 1.
  9. One on my hip and one in the console. Why wouldn't the CCW permit allow that? I'd think you can transport all the handguns you want, as long as they are all included with your CCW permit.
  10. I think you misunderstood. The 10 round max capacity is for each magazine. (concealed carry or otherwise) Carry as many magazines as you wish, though.
  11. I also took my own on the phone and emailed to myself. Then, using an editing program (publisher for me) pasted the photo and kept copying it to make a 3 wide, 3 deep grid and saved that as a picture (jpg file). CVS printed it onto a 5 x 5 photo for $2.99 and I cut it up with scissors to the correct size. Nine pictures for $2.99
  12. After travelling out of Newark a dozen or so many times with guns, I always say, "I have an 'unloaded' firearm to declare." The unloaded part can put them at ease if they aren't familiar with it all. Locks have been an issue at times. If a hard shell pistol case is inside other luggage, the gun case get regular lock and luggage gets TSA lock. If it's a rifle case it gets a regular lock, though attendant sometimes says no-go, must be a TSA lock or they will cut it off. Just nicely inform them that guns are required to be locked separately and a TSA lock won't do the job. Sometimes the attendant just isn't familiar with the whole process. Quick funny story. Fist time I was at Newark declaring a gun in 2011, the attendant was damn near in whispers about it all to avoid rattling anyone around us. Upon the return trip from Vegas, the attendant where you check in, almost hollering says, "Open 'er up. Let's see what you got in there. " Then she proceeded to oooh and ahhhh about the rifle. Very different experiences from different states.
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