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  1. Thanks for the info, I'll contact the DOD and New Hanover police.
  2. Hi there! Just moved to NJ for a job and, since I am retired AF I chose to live on base. I have a 2 guns (Rem 870 Wingmaster and Sig P226) and discovered I need a "Firearm ID card" to join my local range (Range 14 at Joint Base MDL.) When I got home to look into it I just got more confused. Being on base I have no idea what police department I'd need to use for the application. Anyone have any idea? My mailing address is JBMDL, NJ 08641. The town is Cookstown, but being on base...? The base has at least 4, maybe 5 different security forces (AF active, guard and reserve, plus the Navy.) I appreciate any guidance you can provide.
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