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  1. Ya know, there could be a huge business opportunity there. Make mag inserts so it can accept many other popular mags.
  2. Darn, how about 40 cal Beretta mags (from a CX4 Storm)?
  3. Any chance that mag well can be modified to accept 9mm Ruger mags? I hate always having to buy new mags (although the manufacturers love it).
  4. BigGuns


    Did you scare the OP away already?
  5. We're at about the 25th month of the current administration: DOW is up about 2000 points in that time frame. S&P 500 is up about 200 points Both basically flat after over two years. Even Bitcoin is down 10,000 in that period. Looks like Series I Bonds and T Bills are the best bet now. Or, maybe lead and brass.
  6. Something I was wondering, along the lines of this constant holster/unholster for the sensitive areas. What happens If you're carrying one in the pipe and 10 in the mag with a striker fired pistol. You have to rack it to load that +1 in the chamber, so the striker (or internal hammer) is cocked. If by chance, doing the holstering/unhostering in your trunk, you accidentally drop the pistol, what's the chance that round in the chamber can fire with the impact, when it hits the ground?
  7. Apparently you forgot, "He who dies with the most rounds, WINS!"
  8. Ahhh, remember the days when you use to be able to get it shipped to NJ for 0.17 a round?
  9. Which, at the end of the day, carrying pepper spray, a Byrna or a Taser, lowers the level of legal issues you might encounter, yet will give you some self-defense protection. Just getting a CCW in NJ today, just so you can say you got it, is playing Russian Roulette with all the gray legal areas being punted around the past few months.
  10. There are definitely some people who subscribe to the S, S, S. Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up.
  11. I agree, many people here are aware of the situation. But they make up a really small percentage of gun owners in the state. Just look at how few people participate here, out of the 1 million gun owners in the state.
  12. Such horse crap: It’s simple, Reale says, “In New Jersey, we have a presumption of innocence, but we don't have a presumption that you made the right choice.” “And what we're asking people to do is, is make a split-second decision. It's not even a split second, it is milliseconds. You're processing all that information that you're seeing and what you're hearing, and trying to decide what is it I'm confronting, and what force can I use?” “And New Jersey is always going to second-guess you in the process.” So, at the end of the day, it comes down to this simple question, do you want to be carried by 6, or judged by 12? Tough decision in this state.
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