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  1. The eye doctor's office is a medical establishment. The place where you buy the glasses is not. However, they are often combined. It is risky.
  2. Lenscrafters stores seem to have had them for a long time now, pre-bruen. However since they have eye doctors on premises there, they are medical establishments and now prohibited anyway.
  3. I have a judge issued permit that expires in August. Does it make sense to apply now to renew ahead of any of Murphy's fee increase?
  4. We had no Bruen decision years ago. It probably wouldn't have ended well for us. I am glad we have Bruen so we can now push back hard.
  5. New York City is $340 for 3 years. Massachusetts is interesting. They grant non residents 1 year permit only (I have one) and you renew every year for $100. Not as expensive as NJ but it's a PITA. I am hoping this is an easy win but I think it will take time.
  6. In your vehicle, and nearly everywhere I go on my daily routine, except for school property and the post office.
  7. This is what the law actually says: (2) A person who obtained a permit pursuant to this section prior to the first day of the seventh month following the date of enactment of P.L.2022, c.131 (C.2C:58-4.2 et al.) and which permit is not scheduled to expire until at least one year following the enactment of P.L.2022, c.131 (C.2C:58-4.2 et al.) shall comply with the training requirement established pursuant to this subsection no later than the first day of the tenth month following the date of enactment of P.L.2022, c.131 (C.2C:58-4.2 et al.). I think there can be two interpretations here. 1. "Pursuant to this section" could mean only the police chief issued permits. This is likely where GFH's reasoning is from. 2. If you interpret "Pursuant to this section" as including judge issued permits, and your permit has more than a year's validity, then yes, you will have to re-qualify and take the new training. I am leaning toward 2. due to the nuances in this wording: "a permit pursuant to this section" vs "the training requirement established pursuant to this subsection." They seem to be talking about the entire section as to permits issued which included judge issued permits. Ultimately though, the AG will have to clarify this, and undoubtedly there will (and should) be court challenges. I will be taking the revised shooting course, just to be on the safe side.
  8. I found that post Bruen, a lot of sheriffs went the other way and started issuing NR permits. Pike for example was no issue to non res for a long time. Then when Bruen dropped, within a couple of months they were issuing permits again. I couldn't wait so I went to York.
  9. It could be worse, like NY. This is a setback but not a total loss. 99% of my routine won't change.
  10. I just did a Maryland class for a group, and it's a PITA. 16 hours, and I covered a lot beyond the required. And yes I did 16 hours. I suspect that's where NJ will go.
  11. Yes. That is our only recourse now. That and federal law such as national reciprocity.
  12. No. The rights of the minority must also be respected and protected. This is why we have elected representatives rather than just mob rule.
  13. Could be. And this will be problematic for those who visit private homes as part of their business (eg plumber, electrician)
  14. From what I could gather: NEW PLACES ALLOWED: Zoos Health care facilities - only as to facilities set forth in Plaintiffs’ declarations ( I believe this excludes mental health facilities) Public filmmaking locations STRUCK DOWN: Insurance mandate in-person interview requirement of carry permit applicant’s character endorsers CLARIFIED: Airport carry still prohibited, checking unloaded firearm in is not prohibited, as is carry while pickup/dropoff also not prohibited. Private property only applies to publicly accessible places. STILL PROHIBITED: Schools playgrounds childcare facilities youth sporting events NOT GONE: Higher fees Exception for judges, prosecutors, AGs Anti-Brandishing Fish and game restrictions References "Such other information" to review a concealed carry applicant’s application
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