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  1. Yeah I have been carrying a few months every day now. Going to feel strange when they outlaw it.
  2. Pretty much. If you are in Sussex/Morris/Passaic County (Wayne and environs) I can notarize for you for free. Let me know.
  3. I know several from out of state who got approved, permit in hand.
  4. Delta in Wantage next to Cow Patty's usually has.
  5. Amendment to order received. Painless. Sussex NJSP firearms sent it to me and I pick up a printed copy from them.
  6. Do you have a Texas DL? If the photo is separate from the DL, that's new.
  7. That's not what DPS says. They say they use the DL photo. https://www.dps.texas.gov/section/handgun-licensing/ltc-fingerprint-and-photo-information
  8. It's the same identogo. The class is not bad. They cover Texas laws, use of force, conflict de-escalation and a live fire qual. Most of the shots are at 5 yards, qualify with any gun, carry any gun. You can even rent a gun. I did it years ago when it was called a CHL. You can now even take the classroom portion online. For residents they use your photo on file with the DMV.
  9. For flying it works great. It's federally recognized ID. It will of course also let you cross the border to Canada or Mexico by land or sea. That said I didn't want to get carded buying liquor, show my DL, then the clueless store clerks see "not valid for real id purposes" and think it's a fake ID.
  10. Use your 4 digit municipal code of your residence. The one you put on your state income tax. https://www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/pdf/lpt/cntycode.pdf
  11. Thomas also specifically said that you can’t make the entire island of Manhattan a sensitive place. so that means you can’t make all of NJ or NY a sensitive place either, and especially not my vehicle.
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