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  1. Looking to get my hands on a BAR to further my addiction of WW2 era firearms. I would be cool with a non firing replica possibly. If you have anything or know of anyone selling let me know!
  2. Looking for 30-06 for garand and .30 carbine for collection
  3. Thank you sir. A family friend of ours has a very large collection and he hit me up about taking one of his. Hence why the post was deleted lol. but I still may take the chance on the CMP ones. The whole process to get one is a little over my head but I figured I’d give it a go. Regret waiting this long to try and get a rifle lol. if you happen to have one you’d want to sell im also all ears. Heard you’re the man to talk to :) thank you for the advice nonetheless
  4. CMP rack grades $650. That's what I'm going to put in for. But I came here first to see what anyone has to offer.
  5. delete pls found what i was looking for
  6. Looking for k98 rifles, stock, parts, etc. *Main goal currently is tracking down a pre, wartime, or post war German scope for a sniper build....preferably low/high turret* *Really looking for fixer upper rifles but wont turn down a nice complete rifle*
  7. I have an old sporterized Argentine 1891. I’d like to source the regular rifle length stock. Can be totally stripped for all I care. Or a tasteful sporter stock. Hit me up with what ya got
  8. Looking for a wartime, pre war, or post war German glass for a k98 sniper clone. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on wartime rigs? If anyone has any leads, knows any places, or knows anyone with one let me know!
  9. I'm interested in acquiring a k98 or other milsurp rifles of that time. They do not need to be pristine or #'s matching. Just a good shooter.
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