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  1. Who can point me to a NJ or Federal statute that covers firearms in hotels, campgrounds or other locations in NJ one might temporarily reside? Would this be up to the private property owner? What about out of state travelers stopping for the night with NJ legal firearms?
  2. The use of any level of force, as defined by NJ statute, must not be more than what a "reasonable" person would generally agree was correct & immediately necessary, given the circumstances of the incident. NJ has published guidelines concerning "Use of Force". The key word throughout the document is "Reasonable and or Reasonably Believe". I use the document during my Permit to Carry a Handgun presentation and qualification process. It was suppled to me by the NJSP RPO qualification program. LTC
  3. I applied to Adams County, online, last Friday. I received an email on this past Wednesday to the effect that my application was approved for a non-resident carry permit. I had hoped to pick it up tomorrow as I am going to Gettysburg for the weekend. The problem is you need to make an appointment. The first available appointment is in early December. I called the Sheriff's office to see if they would take a walk in on this Friday. The answer was no. I then inquired as to how long they would hold the permit. They answered until I picked it up. I explained it might be 3-4 months before I'm in Gettysburg again. They didn't seem to have a problem with my timing.
  4. What process have permit holders used to add additional handguns to their permit?
  5. I picked up my permit on 11/10. Warren County. There was at least a dozen in the pile waiting to be picked up. Must carry the court order. Court Order refers to following current and future laws applying to NJ CCW. No other restrictions listed. Seventy plus days at the court. I ordered an I.D. carrier for the permit and Court Order. A copy of the court order will be kept in each vehicle I own.
  6. Warren County has started to issue permits once again. I surmise that once A4769 was put on hold the judge had no choice but to review and issue or deny. I am told the judge is not in the court this week but will return next week. I was advised that my application should come under his hand next week and I would receive a call when it was ready to pick up.
  7. About 30 days in since I submitted my application package at Washington Township PD, Warren County. All my references have been called as of last Friday. So far it sounds positive.
  8. What are the required steps to add an additional handgun to an existing carry permit?
  9. Update information on Carry Qualifications at Phillipsburg Pistol Club. As Stu stated in the previous post, we are restricting civilian carry qualifications to 8-12 Monday to Thursday. All scheduling has to go through me as the club's Executive Officer. My task is to keep this organized and to eliminate double or triple scheduling. Pricing is set by the individual qualifiers. The qualifying process is also set by the individual qualifier. Each may be slightly different but must still meet the NJ requirements. The club has set its own qualifying requirements that currently meet NJ's requirements and will be administered by me. I am a certified NRA Instructor in numerous disciplines that include pistol. I am also an authorized qualifier for NJSP RPO program. It still remains that the individual will be completely responsible for all remaining requirements associated with the carry permit process. Our portion of the process will be limited to those items associated with the live fire qualification, Safe & appropriate gun handling and NJ supplied information on NJ's use of force statutes. I can be emailed at [email protected].
  10. Name: Phillipsburg Pistol Club Location: 25 Howard Street, Phillipsburg, NJ Website: http://phillipsburgpistolclub.com/ Public/Private: Private Membership costs: $125 initiation/ $80 member Work Party Requirement: One per year or $50 fee assessed. Exemptions: 65 years old +, Medical accommodations Membership requirements: NRA Member Guests: $10 per guest Pistol: All handgun calibers all ports Outdoor: 14 ports @ 25 yards Indoor: 8 heated ports, 50 feet Rifle: Rimfire & pistol caliber only all ports ( maximum fps = 1850 ) Skeet: No Trap: No Pits: No Steel: With PPC authorized RSO present, club's steel only. RSOs present Sunday mornings 9 to 12 noon & Thursday evenings 6 to 9. Extras: IDPA one Wednesday evening a month, check club calendar, NRA training courses available
  11. How do I update a listing? I'm the Executive Officer at the Phillipsburg Pistol Club and the listing for us is long out of date. LTC PPC XO
  12. The Phillipsburg Pistol Club has begun to host NJ Permits to carry a Handgun qualifications. We are currently working on getting the information on our web site. Information will be available in a few days. The club has 4 authorized instructor / qualifiers to perform the qualifications of which I am one. Stay tuned, more information to come. LTC PPC XO
  13. I've been a member of the Phillipsburg Pistol Club for the past 13 years. I am currently a member of the club's Board of Directors. I would just like to update the forum users to the current details of our club. The club has been in existence since 1961 and at the present location since 1964. We have 8 indoor 50' lanes & 12 outdoor 25-yard lanes with a covered firing line. The facility has seen extensive renovations over the past 3 years. See the photos on our website. We are an NRA affiliated club and require members to be NRA members. While basically a pistol club we do allow .22 rimfire rifle use as well as "pistol caliber" rifle and carbine use (9mm, 38spec., .357mag., .45acp, .45 Colt, etc.). Centerfire rifle cartridge use is not allowed (.223, 5.56, 308, 17hmr, etc.). Shotgun use is limited, trap or skeet are not possible due to the club's location. We are actively seeking new members. The club hosts a IDPA match on one Wednesday evening a month. We offer NRA training classes throughout the year. Initial membership associated cost are $220.00. Yearly dues are $80.00. Our daily range fee is $3.00 for the entire day. Guest fees are $10.00 per day (2 guests max.). Our hours are 8am to 10pm 365 days a year. The facility is electronically secured at all times. We maintain a safe, clean, friendly atmosphere at all times. Please go to our website for further information.
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