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  1. Did you try reading the law?....
  2. Where in BurlCo is your father?
  3. Yes. Friend in Camden County got at the end of last week.
  4. How did it go? Does it depend on the barracks you submit to?
  5. Where are you getting the blocked mags from?
  6. You got one? How do you like it? Reviews are stellar, but hard to find one to purchase, not to mention rent.
  7. Funny, a month ago they told me they had none. When did you pick yours up? I was there Aug 22 or so.
  8. Sure. But then courts have been adding restrictions. Specifically, the courts have been restricting you to only the guns you qualify on.
  9. Great. Thank you. Ideally, I'm looking for a place closer to South Jersey, but will try GFH if I must.
  10. Anyone know if the Kimber R7 Mako is in stock anywhere in NJ? Would like to see it in person as opposed to having it transferred, etc.
  11. I have, and there is no clear, easy to find county by county info.
  12. I'm hearing that concealed carry permits are being handled differently by judges in each county: some require a court appearance, some are "restricting" permits to guns you've qualified on. Can we share experiences so we know what to expect in a given county? Anyone know what's happening in Camden & Burlington Counties? Gloucester County: Concealed Carry Permit restricted to gun you qualify on
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