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  1. That is about all he said about it. I was there. 2 weeks we should have an update.
  2. I submitted 2” prints in ocean county and the courts cut them down for me.
  3. Got mine in Manchester(Ocean County). No restrictions on the permit. submitted ppwk and prints on 7/5 picked up permit on 8/16.
  4. Got mine in Manchester(Ocean County). No restrictions on the permit. submitted ppwk and prints on 7/5 picked up permit on 8/16.
  5. I am at the Evan Nappen CCW seminar right now. I was very wrong. He said the Ocean County restrictions are very real. He also said they are actively fighting this and he expects to hear some positive news for us in the next week to two weeks. My friend did not get his permit yet through Ocean County. Per the courts they said he should get it this week. Will keep you all posted as soon as he receives it.
  6. Winner winner chicken dinner! You have been approved, just need to do it through the Courts. Get US lawshield so it only costs $150 for the year.
  7. Yes mine was unrestricted, but it came on 8/9 and I was told I was the first in the county to receive it. The one with the restrictions was delivered 8/23. She could have changed the way she is restricting them, or it could have been an employment permit everyone has been concerned about. My buddy should have an OC permit soon so I will know when he gets his.
  8. Fellas-there is a CCW classroom class at we shoot on Sunday the 11th of September. It’s from 10am-1pm. It costs $10, if you are a US LAW Shield member it is free. I believe it is taught by a 2A lawyer but not sure. Just sharing in case anyone is interested. Hit me up if your going.
  9. Agreed. I am pro 2A but if I saw someone doing that and then walk into a mall my kid was walking around in I would most likely call the cops…
  10. Sorry he did not, he was definitely rushed, but extremely helpful. I didn’t ask too many questions about that.
  11. I should have a new Ocean County Permit very soon. Once I have the FACTS, I will share with the group including a picture so this is settled and we can focus on FACTS and not “rumors/speculation”. Should be any day.
  12. The Monmouth county was applied for before Bruen. They followed the process that was pre-bruen which was when he applied. Next…also I am not commenting on Monmouth. I am commenting on Ocean…
  13. I will admit I am wrong when I see my friends, who will be getting it any day. Who has confirmed this was not for a work permit? I haven’t seen anything posted from the actual person of the order saying so. I don’t drink the Kool-Aid, I just don’t buy into all the comments/rumors on here. Never seen anything like it. We are all a bunch of yentas. We should only be posting facts. Too much speculation.
  14. Wrong. This Judge does handle the permits for Ocean County. I called and spoke to the clerk. She also sent me my permit and didn’t have any of this as restrictions on mine. More fake news. We will know soon when my friend gets his. I will post the letter.
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