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  1. I emailed the court on Monday. So far, no response.
  2. In all likelihood, if an officer knows about the TRO, or a full department, and they decide to disregard it, I would bet they'd lose qualified immunity and you can sue them personally. Any arrest would not be made in good faith.
  3. That's been my experience. Been pulled over doing 95 three different times, one time admitted to drinking (i may or may not have been over the limit, not sure) and honesty got me out of it each time. No hostility and no issues. But I think it largely depends on the police officer. Some just hate everyone or just want to exert their power/authority. Some want to keep the public safe and not hassle good people over minor stuff. Its like a box of chocolates. That being said, I've probably watched 1000+ 1st amendment audits and I feel empowered to assert my rights when I deem necessary. I know the absolutists would say to do so every time. If I get pulled over for a traffic infraction, I would probably be honest because that has served me very well in the past. If its a situation where they want to search my car, even though I have nothing to hide, I will refuse consent and tell them to get a warrant. When I was younger I thought that saying no to a search was the same as saying "i have something to hide" and they would find it anyways and as such was subject to numerous searches. Of course, I was a good kid but ignorant to my rights. I guess, case by case and to each their own.
  4. Here is the list of where you CAN carry as of today. https://www.news2a.com/nj-concealed-carry-faq/ New Jersey is going down in spectacular fashion.
  5. That's good. I worried that Denville PD might be hanging on to them.
  6. Congrats! What a crazy wait so congrats on extreme patience too!. What's the issue date on your permit? Also, I am thinking to file a motion to vacate the court order. Let us know how that goes!
  7. Yes. However, it is compelled speed aka 1st amendment violation. I know lots of other states have it but a "duty to inform" likely cannot be found constitutional under the Bruen test.
  8. In some communist countries printing is illegal. In regards to "printing" while carrying, it is not directly addressed and thus not illegal. Directly from the bill:
  9. I see a bit of parking lot discussion going on here. Think about this below. And personally, I think it confuses the issue more, rather than clarify. We already know that we cannot possess firearms on postal property, that includes parking lots and sidewalks. That was already pre-existing law. For many years, Ramsey Outdoor in Ledgewood has been in the same building as the US Post Office. All of the stores are connected, share the same sidewalk. Staples sits in between Ramsey and the Post Office. Ramsey is full of guns and people walk in and out of that store with guns and ammo all the time. The question is, have we all been breaking the law, unwittingly, for all this time?
  10. I'm a few hours late to the party but just saw the good news! https://www.news2a.com/tro-issued-in-nj-carry-killer-suit-by-fpc-saf-cnjfo-nj2as/
  11. The only thing I'll say is that 45 days is very early on. I wouldn't get that down about it. I was one of the early applicants. The court told me directly that they were moving "fast" and at the time, the guy seemed genuine about it. But, still took me around 84 days. On the PD side, I was lucky. They brought it to the courts very quickly. But most PDs are not like that. So far, your experience is on par with that of many people.
  12. That sucks. Hopefully there will be a lawsuit about needing references at all.
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