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  1. Just ran into Chris Christie in line at the supermarket about 30 mins ago. I mention it just because he was mentioned a page or two back. Sure wish I knew what to talk with him about other than to talk about how great our town is....
  2. You mean you didn't need to notarize in triplicate and do cart wheels while cooking baking naked and deliver via horse and buggy?
  3. Im planning to apply in Monroe as well. In person or online? No issues regarding out of state res?
  4. There doesn't seem to be enough ads on that site. As such, I cannot consider it to be a credible news source. We should write them and ask them to increase the number of ads.
  5. I don't disagree with you, at all. You may very well be right. But, I won't take it for granted. This is our one shot to get it right or we could be F'd for the next 100 years. As such, that would be my reasoning for refusal or pull the app or whatever. And the lefties, as malicious and hateful as they are, can be somewhat calculating. Its a calculated hate. History has proven that truth and "right" does not always equal "win" and "justice". Otherwise, justifiable need would've been thrown out ages ago.
  6. There's no guarantee of that. And legal history in this part of the country is NOT on our side. You're just so excited to finally have your driver's license you'll agree to drive a car with three wheels. And don't get me wrong, I understand your thought process. I don't like to wait either. But I do weigh the options. I'll save a little more money and get that car with four wheels.
  7. Not at all. At first thought, your instinct might be to think "finally, i got a NJ carry permit!!!, ill accept it no matter what". However, with those restrictions, it has the same effect as simply not having one. Most of us in NJ use cars for transport, not bus and train, at least not the same way people do in NYC. Most of our errands and little trips are in a car. None of us are going to carry to the car, trunk it, arrive at our destination, untrunk it and holster up. Not to mention, constantly repeating that process with a loaded and chambered firearm on a regular basis greatly increases our chance of a negligent discharge. In all aspects of life, when some process becomes so routine, we get more comfortable and pay less attention to what we're doing. It's kinda like how most guys can change TV channels with the remote without even looking. Sometimes we accidentally turn on CNN when we really intended to watch Fox news. And while a negligent discharge can plausibly be blamed on the processes we are required to follow due to these restrictions and will look bad on the judges that issued them, it WILL look bad on us too. Its beyond ridiculous. They are restrictions without justification and a literal nullification of our permit. When the judges or prosecutors coming up with these restrictions are made to answer as to their reasoning when issuing these restrictions, I can't imagine they will have a good or believable or logical bit of explanation. But the point is, we cant allow this to be "commonly accepted". Think about the AR15.... It was neither around nor a conceivable thought at the time the second amendment was written. BUT, they are so commonly owned and in use in the 2A community that it will be hard to ban them. There is a "common use" doctrine if I recall. I don't remember if that was from the DC or Chicago case. HOWEVER, doctrine like that can work both ways. We can't allow these restrictions to be "commonly accepted" or there is some risk they could be construed as acceptable by the courts. And think about the way the courts work: We fight it at the NJ Supreme Court level and likely lose... bc its NJ We appeal to federal courts. I don't think the courts in this circuit are 2A friendly from what I recall. We lose there too. We try to get this heard before the Supreme Court. - Here's the thing. The SCOTUS picks and chooses what cases they hear. They are 9 justices with finite capacity. They cannot possibly hear all cases that are proposed. There's actually a process by which they choose which cases they hear and even though conservative leaning now, they don't often hear gun cases. If they don't hear this case, I believe we are bound by the decisions of the lower courts. Lets not go there. DON'T ACCEPT IT. For your own good and that of the rest of the NJ 2A community.
  8. It's unfair to call it an "issue". Its a blatant violation of constitutional rights and an even more blatant attempt to poop on the Supreme Court ruling.
  9. That's a pretty good turn around all things considered. I've heard mixed things out of Bergen
  10. Town or county? Just curious, Im at day 35 and feeling impatient.
  11. Don't overthink it. Pay the extra $40 and do it in either PA or NY the next day. There are some in this thread who have done out of state prints and already have their permit. I did mine out of state and no problems. Still waiting on the permit but the detective in my town told me he got the prints back and all was good. PA appointment, NJ address, $40 out of state fee.
  12. @Blairsden I think you were mentioned at the end of GunForHire podcast 591. Around the 51/52 minute mark
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