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  1. Whipped up a short press release. Wasting no time, today 2A attorney Daniel Schmutter filed an emergency motion seeking a TRO and a PI against New Jersey’s new ninja PTC qualification requirements. https://www.news2a.com/new-jersey/carry-killer/njs-new-carry-training-qualifications-challenged-in-court/
  2. No doubt about the fact that they want to stop from applying or carrying.
  3. Before 12/22/2022 it was at the discretion of the PD as to whether or not they want to contact the references. I think the new law states they must be contacted in some manner.
  4. Almost. There shouldn't be a "renewal" needed. But all in all, good for NJ.
  5. Which location(s)? Ive never seen this in Dover or Ledgewood
  6. As of now, you have the PI to carry you through til the grave. You good.
  7. As they have been since day one. Part of the fees go to "Crime Victims Compensation Fund". That's misleading to the sheeple that aren't as involved as we are and its also an intentional slap in the face to those in favor our 2nd Amendment right.
  8. Congratulations! We maintain a current list of where you can carry and are somewhat real time up to date with whats going on with the court case in front of Judge Bumb. https://www.news2a.com/nj-concealed-carry-faq/
  9. Full recap on the "sensitive places" Preliminary Injunction hearing from this past Friday. We converted our live Tweet-fest into a more comprehensible format that tells the story of what went down during the hearing. https://www.news2a.com/new-jersey/carry-killer/oral-arguments-heard-in-pi-phase-of-nj-carry-killer-case/
  10. Thank you! It was hard work but worth the effort! Glad I had a partner to tag team with.
  11. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23NJCarryKiller&src=typed_query&f=live
  12. Im live tweeting and providing updates during the hearing using the hashtag #NJCarryKiller. For those unable to listen in, you might be able to stay up to date by checking in on that hashtag. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23NJCarryKiller... Anyone else planning to tweet stuff out during the hearing, please use that hashtag and maybe we can get a nice feed going. If there's a lull between 10:30-11 its because I was forced into a meeting
  13. Thank you very much! We're just getting started. We just had John Petrolino of Bearing Arms publish to the site and we'll have a few interesting guest authors in the near future. Glad you like it!
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