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  1. So...still not clear as to what purpose a judge serves at this point. If there is no criminal record, no psych holds, quals endorsed by certified ranges/instructors, and your hand picked references aren't abducted before they're contacted, what discretion does a judge have to withhold? And if just a rubber stamp, what would justify a delay?
  2. FWIW, The detective taking the app said he has already seen this happen.
  3. Just checking in from Essex County. Local PD very easy to work with but appears at a loss as to how things will actually play out. Submitted two different size photos because of conflict between directions and application form. The locals do nothing other than send the entire packet to the county. I was advised this could take a very long time...like a few months. The county is notorious for kicking back apps for things like a missing comma in "Treasurer, State of New Jersey". We are all assuming that payee will be honored rather than, or in addition to, that listed on the njsp form. Nevertheless, everything has been submitted and prints done. So I guess we're at T-minus 60 days and counting down. For the life of me, I cannot understand the substantive conflicts between the directions and the application form considering both were revised in June. It would seem that two documents, created by the same agency, in the same time frame, for the same purpose, posted to the same website that are so intimately tied to the successful negotiation of a process so fastidious that a comma could result in a denial, would have a little greater care in the production.
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