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  1. I’ve been cc’ing a (work supplier) G23 year round for most of the last two decades. Like you, I never really gel’d with any of the sub compacts that have come along in that time. (big hands yada yada). All that said, I’m picking up a Sig 365 xmacro this week and it’ll be the first time I’ve bought a dedicated cc gun. I got to handle / manipulate one on a trip out west last month but I’m yet to shoot it. It remains to be seen if it will “shoot like a big gun” or if I’m about to be duped by Guntube influencers. I’ll report back here…
  2. I wear LC King 5 pockets year round and they've held up to all sorts of use and abuse. I'm wearing a pair right now on (plain clothed) duty with an OWB holster. I wear them on days off for IWB concealed and have no complaints. Made in the USA too. https://lcking.com/collections/heritage/5-Pocket-Jeans
  3. Hi and thanks! Other than a couple of excursions a year, I just shoot at police ranges. I’ll be at the Monmouth County outdoor range tomorrow AM. I’ve been meaning to join the range down at Dix but complacency etc…. These-days I don’t do much more than qualify with our three load outs; G23, Remington 870 and a ModMat patrol rifle. In a couple of former lives I’ve lives with with a couple of M4 variants along with H&K UMP (45) and the much loved MP5. At home I have kind of an oddball mishmash, a basic Ruger ranch (5.56), M1A Socom, a weird but satisfying Beretta, mandatory shotgun, Charter pit bull (in case I ever get attacked by Care-bears). The most fun gun I’ve picked up in a while is a Canik TP something or other. I don’t have enough quality time with any of the firearms I own, hence the need to join a decent club / civilian range.
  4. Small world… I met Greg in 2019 at a Jiu Jitsu seminar a mutual friend and former co-worker was hosting in Coeur D Alene Idaho (hope I spelled that correctly). Someone asked what he did with money raised by a gofundme: I’ve no first hand knowledge of how that money was spent but I do know that Greg hosts a good podcast now, travels and teaches BJJ and firearms / tactics. From the little time I spent around him, I wouldn’t be surprised if a portion any funds raised went towards a cause he believes in.
  5. Thank you for the welcome! I’m going to hate myself for getting banned on my first day here; but the best breakfast meat is Coffee.
  6. Hi folks, found you guys this afternoon while down a Modern Materiel rabbit hole. Joined up because of a Daniel Defense in the classifieds. Anyway, I’m career Mil / LE, shoot pretty regularly (though not enough). Happy to have found this place. AL
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