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  1. Hello, $575 Selling my Ruger ranch bolt action rifle chambered in 5.56. / .223 It has MAYBE 50 rounds through it. Includes a ten round magazine and takes standard AR mags. Leupold optic just recently installed. I’m selling both for less than the retail cost of rifle, with the hope of a quick sale. I’m in Monmouth County and prefer to use Rich at American Armory in Howell, but I’m flexible. Please see manufacturer’s websites below for a better description: The usual rule of whoever says “I’ll take it” applies and thanks for looking. https://www.leupold.com/vx-freedom-2-7x33-hunt-plex https://ruger.com/products/americanRifleRanch/specSheets/26965.html
  2. Bumping this gun, I’ll throw an extra 50 rounds of quality .40 ammo in (for a total of 100)
  3. I could use an optic for my Ruger Ranch rifle, as partial trade… bump
  4. How about $475 and I'll include a leather OWB holster (Bianchi I think).
  5. 01/30/2023: SOLD Hello, Selling my clean and well cared for 96A1, the .40 version of the 92FS. It has around 200 rounds through it and comes with original box, manual and three magazines. It’s a barrel change away from being 9mm if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s also equipped with a rail for a light etc. Price is $550 and I’ll include 100 rds of quality ammunition. My preferred FFL is American Armory in Howell (Monmouth County) but I could meet at any of the other FFLs that are close by. First to say I’ll take it gets the deal. Thank you for looking.
  6. I’d also trade for a .22 rifle to teach the kiddos with… Ruger, Marlin etc
  7. Bumping for a price reduction and to add some trade options: I want an optic for my Ruger Ranch 5.56 (something in the 1-8 x24 family). I could also use a good 2pt sling for an AR15 (Vickers, GBRS etc) Thanks for looking.
  8. Was finally able to get a lower resolution picture to load:
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