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  1. Law for police, retired police, and the rest of us are different laws. Police and retired police have the course of fire defined. A permit to carry a handgun does not have a defined course of fire. Most instructors are using some modified version of the other two but all that is really required is: demonstrating "familiarity with safe handling and use" of a handgun submission of your qualification scores. There is no specific score required. Again, most instructors (maybe all) are requiring 80% since that's what is required for police and retired police. Google NJAC 13:45-2.4(b) for the actual law. Everyone is using option #2 under this law. And, yes, we will need to do the whole process over every 2 years. Fingerprints, references, qualification, new application, etc.
  2. Assuming your post was sarcasm. But...option 3 of NJAC 13:45-2.4 is: 3. Passage of any test in this State's laws governing the use of force administered by a certified instructor of a police academy, a certified instructor of the National Rifle Association, or any other recognized certified instructor. So I'd say it doesn't count.
  3. I took pictures with my phone standing against a white wall. Trimmed them with my computer's built-in photo editing software - maybe it's microsoft paint? Whatever comes with windows. pasted them into word and resized using the rulers on the edges of the page. printed on photo paper using our cheap walmart ink jet printer. Trimmed with scissors.
  4. I don't think there is anything to be done yet about counties that haven't issued. Law gives PD's 60 days to process the application and get it to the courts. As far as we know, that is being done. Courts have an internal directive to process applications within 30 days of receipt. Not law so I'm not sure how binding that is or what legal complaint there is to make if that date isn't met. But...it hasn't been 90 days since Bruen yet. We're a couple of weeks from any kind of action on outstanding permits.
  5. Will not happen. A lot of us have non-resident permits from other states and have spent years carrying whenever we aren't at home. Nobody will ever notice that you're carrying unless you're making it really obvious. Lots of stuff can make a bump in your clothing. The first time you do it, you're sure everyone knows. One out of 20 adults in the US has a carry permit. Every time you're out of state, you're surrounded by people carrying guns. I bet you never noticed either.
  6. Seems like the courts and the judges would be in the best position to know what the law requires them to do. Who would the courts get direction from about how to follow the law if they're the branch in charge of interpreting the law?
  7. It's not required for a Permit to Carry a Handgun. Police qualification, retired police qualification, and P2C all have their own unique rules and the PD's get them mixed up. NJAC 13:45-2.4 lists 3 ways you can qualify and you need any one of the three, not more than one. completion of a firearms training course just like the police take. submission of qualifications scores using the handgun you intend to carry done with a certified firearms instructor. passage of a test on the State's laws governing use of force. by a certified firearms instructor. You need only one, not two, not three. Google the law above for more details.
  8. So much speculation and rumor on this site about the legal use of force. Are you required to retreat? Can you use force to defend property? Can you defend someone else or only yourself? Are the rules different in your home? A lot of information came from a guy who knows a guy who used to be a cop or something like that. So here are the real answers to all of those questions in 4 parts. If you plan to carry a firearm for self protection in NJ, you should know what the real law says. And, unlike a lot of NJ law, this is pretty easy to understand. New Jersey Statute 2C:3-4 Use of Force in Self-Protection New Jersey Statute 2C:3-5. Use of force for the protection of other persons New Jersey Statute 2C:3-6. Use of force in defense of premises or personal property New Jersey Statute 2C:3-9. Mistake of law as to unlawfulness of force
  9. Maryland Handgun Roster https://licensingportal.mdsp.maryland.gov/MSPBridgeClient/#/home bottom left of page. You have to search by manufacturer. And that is the goal.
  10. Delaware recognizes a Utah non-resident permit. Not sure if being a Delaware resident changes that or not.
  11. I agree about respecting the property owner's wishes. But if you go to a really safe party, you still have to get there and back, and I'm probably stopping somewhere on the way to pick up a bag of chips and on the way home for a cheeseburger because the food wasn't great.
  12. If I have a reason to believe the host wouldn't want me to bring my gun, I'll leave it home. Their house, their rules. Generally I don't see a need to discuss it. Concealed is concealed. But, all the people that would invite me to a party have either already applied or are working on their paperwork now.
  13. I've never been asked to show an FID To handle a firearm in a gun shop. Must be a North Jersey thing.
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