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  1. That’s great news if true. Hope Mercer issues without restriction. Apparently, Mercer issued its first permit this week. Waiting to see a copy of it and if there are any restrictions attached. Has anyone from Mercer heard anything?
  2. A friend of mine called the clerk’s office and that’s what he was told. I submitted my application early July, it was sent to the court beginning of August. My money order was cashed about two weeks ago and haven’t heard anything since.
  3. Mercer is apparently ‘waiting on more guidance from the AG.’
  4. Hey guys. New to the forum. Mercer resident. PD Application dropped off 7/12 References called within a few days Chief approved and sent to court 8/2 Money order cashed (confirmed on USPS website) Called court, twice since 8/2, I was advised that application is on Judge’s desk. Anyone else hear anything in Mercer? PD has to approve or deny within 60 days, but unfortunately no statutory period for the court to approve. Only that you have to file appeal within 30 days of denial. This could take a while in some counties.
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