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  1. Update on mine. I applied 7/12 fingerprints the very next day 7/13. Money order finally cashed as of 9/20. Hopefully not to much longer
  2. Well first you have to call the PD and find out if your application was sent to the court. I had to call them a few times in which they were not very happy with me to keep on bothering them. But I didn’t really care, if they would’ve just called me back the first time I called I wouldn’t of had to call them a bunch of times. After that you have to call the court 609-402-0100 ext 47333. Her names milly. Really nice lady and helpful. She has the applications organized on her desk by town.
  3. Yes. The lady told me she would process my application and she also said my name goes into some sort of database. Every applicants name will go into a database. Not sure what or why. She also said the judge would be having a meeting with the prosecutor before signing off on permits
  4. Galloway twp. Atlantic I called the court and spoke with the lady handling the applications. I asked her if mine was there, she found it and told me she would process it. If I hadn’t of called it would still be sitting there in the stacks and stacks she said she had on her desk
  5. My applications been at the court since 8/23. Application didn’t get processed by the person handling the applications until 9/2. Hundreds of applications on her desk. Probably thousands by now. Someone at the courthouse counting the days for each application? Doubt it. I gave my opinion/interpretation of the 30 day directive in a previous post… it states that the applications must be reviewed at least once every 30 days. It does not say that they must be approved or denied. Also does not say that if no action is taken then they are automatically approved. The 30 day directive doesn’t seem to carry very much weight. Basically means nothing. I really hate to say it but I think it’s going to be a long wait. The police department’s seem to be doing what they are supposed to, abiding by the 60 days. They know the applications are going to be coming in by the truckload so they were smart and got them all sent out to the court.
  6. I would like to think that as well. But it clearly doesn’t state that an approval or denial will be issued upon “review”. Also, how do we even know that is even being followed? Is someone checking in on the judge to see if every application was reviewed at least once in the last 30 days? Is there anyone to even hold them accountable for it? It also doesn’t state anywhere that if beyond 30 days will be automatic approval. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is any 30 day Superior Court law. Again, that’s my interpretation
  7. Thanks, I read it over and I’m not convinced.. it states that judges must review carry permits and appeals at least once every 30 days and should not exceed that 30 day timeframe without good cause. now I’m not a lawyer, I’m just your average everyday guy but.. my understanding of that is they have to review at least once every 30 days, doesn’t say they have to approve or deny. Also doesn’t say that it’s automatically approved if no action is taken
  8. I’ve read 2C:58-4 and I do not see where it says the court has 30 days. I see the police department has 60. Could someone point out anywhere is says the court has 30 days?
  9. How long do the courts have? I believe the PDs have 60 days and the court 30?
  10. Interesting.. guess that would mean there won’t be any restrictions
  11. Definitely agree with you there! My only concern now is the same as everyone else’s… how long is this “meeting” going to take to happen? And what kind of bs is going to be attached to the permit. Unreasonable restrictions
  12. I don’t believe she was implying a meeting between the judge and the prosecutor about specific applications. It almost sounded like the judge just doesn’t know what to do and is looking for guidance on how to proceed. My gut says “restrictions”
  13. Wow, I’m actually really blown away at how nice and helpful this lady was. She’s actually not a judge, she’s an administrative assistant for the judge. She found my application and is processing it now. Judge Darcy will be the one signing off for Atlantic county. From what she tells me the judge is supposed to be having a meeting with the prosecutor on how to proceed with this. I didn’t want to be rude or say anything but what’s this all about? How to proceed? The judge is supposed to just approve it. This lady also told me she is the only one processing all the applications from Atlantic county. She has stacks and stacks of applications and more coming in everyday. She can not keep up.
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