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  1. Pa resident submitted to Augusta SP barracks 8/19 (Sussex County) -fingerprints 8/20 (in PA) -MO cashed between 9/30 and 10/7 -Called 11/28 for pickup from SP barracks I left the Municipal Code blank (I'm out of state). References never contacted. Permit approval date is 11/18. "See Court Order" box checked. Court order limits carry to qualified pistol only and requires carrying permit and "a copy of this order". A court appearance was not required. Permit number is in the 170's. Had zero communications from police, prosecutor, or court during my wait. The SGT. at the barracks had a stack of 12-15 additional permits waiting for pickup. "a copy of this order" does not specify a printed copy, electronic copy, or otherwise. As such, I will print the copy and have an electronic copy on my phone for backup. Same with permit. Forgetting to have your permit and court order when carrying could be punishable by a contempt of court charge. I'm looking forward to the day when these court orders go away...
  2. My guess is that those choosing to carry handguns not listed on the Judge's order would be subject to contempt of court 2c:29-9. That is, assuming an order was given with the permit. Doesn't matter if the permit has no restrictions, the Judges order stands on it's own. Seems that Judges do have some authority to place restrictions on our permits, so long as those restrictions are in conformance with the law and our rights. While I'm all for questioning authority, I don't think this particular avenue is worth pursuing.
  3. Appreciate the analytical approach to the problem. While I have access to a durometer, I'm not sure I can produce a sample from Hornady's rounds suitable for testing. I'll look into it further. When looking at Hornady's bullet, the cavity is larger and the ogive differs from the XTP. Due to the multiple variables from one bullet to the next, I'm not sure if matching polymer hardness is the sole solution to expansion - though Shocker may be onto something with his radial expansion thought. It's certainly not a bad data point to collect. What started out as a redneck solution seems to be morphing into a research project. Maybe I'll ask my son to take this up for his engineering thesis...
  4. Because power does not always directly correlate with penetration. Often slowing a bullet down results in increased penetration due to reduced expansion. This is seen with various .40 / 10mm loads. I happen to like a combination that delivers 700+ft/lbs of energy dumped in 10-12" of penetration. And yes, I'm aware of the various schools of thought on handguns and their limited ability to produce stretch cavities.
  5. I can say the accuracy has not been altered to any degree outside my shooting ability to 25yards. Based on 100 rounds. The plugs will not fall out - they are quite difficult to remove. This would have to be confirmed periodically in case of any shrinkage. The rounds have been left in a hot chamber for 5 minutes with no signs of melting or deforming. Expansion has been consistent (via eyeball not caliper) on all of the water-jug & wet magazine shots. Need to order some gelatin blocks. From a legal perspective I'm trying to limit the potential for over-penetration and unintended injuries to the innocent. NJ compliant choices are limited in the 10mm platform.
  6. Good call. I hadn't considered that. Will look into it further. I would have to ensure the bullet behaves appropriately at the higher velocities. Oh, and I meant to say the critical duty penetrates 20", not 18. I've been carrying my setup in PA for many years and wanted to change as little as possible. I'm a month or so out from actually carrying in NJ so I have to sort this out pretty soon. Great forum btw. I'm new here but enjoying the site a lot.
  7. I opted to make my own because I'm not a fan of most commercial 10mm offerings. Few vendors choose to load the caliber to it's proper velocity. Most are watered down to the point that one might as well shoot a .40. NJ sure has a lot of folks terrified of prosecution and I understand it, to a point. It's a polymer filled HP, just like Critical Duty and just like PowRBall. All would be considered as illegal HP's sans the polymer. I've done a fair bit of expansion testing to date though admittedly it has not been exhaustive. I will continue this process. My personal preference is to take the de minimis risk of prosecution for HP possession over the possibility of collateral damage from a critical duty round that is underpowered yet penetrates an unacceptable 18". There's no critical defense in 10mm. I like to keep penetration on the very low side of FBI guidelines. We civilians have a much higher risk of being held responsible for collateral injuries than any Governmental agency...but I digress. Of course I could throw out all logic and use fmj's to guarantee compliance with NJ's mindless restrictions.
  8. I'm not a lawyer and the following is my personal opinion. I'm sure everyone has a favorite self defense load and chances are it is not NJ compliant (for carrying). Looking into the law it seemed feasible to simply make my favorite load NJ compliant by making sure it no longer meets NJ's definition of a hollow point i.e. filling the tip with high temp silicone. Per the State Police: "Ammunition lacking a hollow cavity at the tip, such as those with a polymer filling, are not considered to be hollow point ammunition. An example of this can be seen with the Hornady Critical Defense / Critical Duty, Cor-Bon PowRball / Glaser Safety Slug and Nosler Inc. Defense ammunition." Yes, silicone is a polymer for anyone wanting to argue semantics. Although I'm not aware of any case law establishing this polymer filled tip exception there is the Roosevelt Twyne case. That in conjunction with the SP guidance gives me confidence to proceed in filling my own HP's. I have a couple pictures that I tried to upload but it didn't seem to work. I put it in the member gallery if anyone want to take a look. It shows a critical duty and my Underwood 10mm 155gr XTP. The only thing I'll add is that one would have to do their own due diligence to ensure the polymer filling doesn't negate any expansion properties of the bullet. With my load having a muzzle velocity of approximately 1500fps, the expansion has been very consistent despite the filling. Accuracy may be influenced but I'm not using these for competition.
  9. XTP filled with high temp silicone.
  10. Note the critical duty cavity is larger than the XTP's. The critical duty is deemed NJ compliant (when filled)
  11. For anyone who went through the Sussex/Augusta barracks; How did the SP notify you that your app was sent to the courthouse? Did they e-mail, call, send a letter, telegraph, smoke signal.... My app was submitted to SP mid August. Still waiting on word that its been sent to the court.
  12. Anyone know who the Sussex Judge is that is handling the permits? I believe a new judge was supposed to rotate in recently.
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