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  1. That’s crazy, that means I may get mine by the 1st of the year and the new laws won’t let me carry anyway
  2. Has anyone from Sussex county got their PTC within the last week or so yet?
  3. Thanks, so Sussex county is restricting to guns qualified with only?
  4. Did you just get it? Or did you get it under 2 months?
  5. Does anyone know where pa is issuing its non resident permits? Like pike county pa maybe? Some county say they are not.
  6. Nice! I actually talked to a sergeant today at the Sussex barracks, he had a couple question about my application. He had said they got a new judge that’s working on them and they should be sending them out soon finally.
  7. I’m sure Sussex county is still holding all applications too??
  8. That’s kinda what I thought, I didn’t see anything about carrying extra mags. Definitely will carry 1 but I have a 2 mag pouch when the times comes to having the PTC.
  9. So we know there is a limit on mag size, but is there a limit on how many extra you can carry on your person when legally carrying in NJ?? How many are you carrying?
  10. The best part about this whole thing is Ocean county says you can not have your gun on you while driving in your car??? But if you live in say Morris county and you have no restrictions, you can drive down to ocean county and have your gun on your hip in your car while the people that live in that county can not. And yet some judges are spitting the permits out and others “need more direction”
  11. Fired off a reply too fast
  12. Does this mean we can go outside of Sussex county to get the superior court approval?????? Found under: 2c:58-4 d. Issuance by Superior Court; fee. If the application has been approved by the chief police officer or the superintendent, as the case may be, the applicant shall forthwith present it to the Superior Court of the county in which the applicant resides, or to the Superior Court in any county where he intends to carry a handgun, in the case of a nonresident or employee of an armored car company. The court shall issue the permit to the applicant if, but only if, it is satisfied that the applicant is a person of good character who is not subject to any of the disabilities set forth in section 2C:58-3c.,
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