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  1. If you have a court order you MUST abied by that order until you RENEW or get a NEW UNRESTRICTED permit
  2. They haven’t ask for anything yet, I have a call out to Sussex and waiting on a call back from them. The girl at RTSP said to check with them somePD’s what an all new qual and some are ok with the in class use of force only
  3. Has anybody dealt with the Sussex barracks with the new qualifications and if they are requiring the full requal or just the class portion. I did my qualification at RTSP.
  4. Just picked up permit, it has see court order on it checked. I have to carry the court order with me and I’m restricted to gun I qualified with.
  5. Yes by courts and don’t have in hand yet. Picking upon way home from work
  6. NJSP barracks that covers my town. Submitted 10/4/22 prints done on 10/10/22. Picking up today after work.
  7. I read on either another board or a different forum group that someone had to pay the increased fee amounts even after he already had submitted before the new law.
  8. I just talked to someone from the courts today and he said my app is in the next bunch to be reviewed by the judge this Thursday.
  9. Finally had my money order cashed!! Now I wait for the next phase. Anybody know where the money orders are actually cashed?? In Trenton or in the courts??
  10. That’s crazy, that means I may get mine by the 1st of the year and the new laws won’t let me carry anyway
  11. Has anyone from Sussex county got their PTC within the last week or so yet?
  12. Thanks, so Sussex county is restricting to guns qualified with only?
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