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  1. How does it work once signed. Is effective date immediately? Do they set a date? How do they notify ppl who dont sit on forums?! Or don't they care? Cant just make a law and catch ppl unknowingly.
  2. So i had this nice long response typed out, but i will be the bigger man, and let you think you are correct, and know everything. I bow to your statement, bc obviously any answer that doesn't mimic yours, is wrong. Cheers
  3. You are sitting in your car, you need to pull your gun, you need to lean to side, battle the seat buckle, trying to unholstered it. Or you pull up from a holster mounted between your legs on your seat, or under dash that you can draw from. Explain the "dumb" part.
  4. For those with CCW, while in vehicle, do you keep it on you. Or do you use a vehicle holster, either under dash, seat. Console, etc. If so, what do you use?
  5. Im on same date in CamCo, and none of references been called. Last week PD claims me getting fingerprinted, bc i got an email saying to, is causing an issue, bc i was fingerprinted years ago.
  6. My neighbor has US Law Shield. Seemed pretty simple to get
  7. Happy Thanksgiving.... or as FoxNews is calling it: Happy Genocide and Imperialism Against Native Americans Day!
  8. being the law is the same that got shot down in NY, how can a judge allow it, when Supreme Court tossed it in NY?
  9. Ummm... I never said that, and why would you flash a ptc card to a cop??
  10. I still am on the "the 2c states the permit good for any gun" idc what they type on the card. If it says no restrictions, and type a serial number, means nothing.
  11. They "feel" a gun is a gun, and if they can keep legal guns off street, its still less guns. Thats all they care about.
  12. So.... Handed in paperwork Sept 19.... Get a phone call today (nov 21) saying there is an issue with my prints. Asking why i got fingerprints in Aug. I said when i got PTP in july, it told me to. He said i must have click wrong button. I asked what the difference is... Not like my prints changed. If im in system im in system, besides i keep hearing prints only good for 6 months. He even asked that when i handed in my paperwork "have you been finger printed in past 6 months" which i was. Now he states it is an issue?? Its been 60days anyway, by law, isnt it automatically approved and has to go to country for signoff?
  13. Did i hear they have to get in before dec 31 or they have to start all over? Chances that happens?
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