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  1. Im in CamdenCo, and have yet to see a No Guns sign
  2. Hand in gun and would be destroyed without proof of ownership? Lol
  3. OMG.....i read REVERSED.....almost shit myself....HAHA
  4. I handed mine in to Local PD in Sept 2022...before new laws. So courts still had mine, before new laws. They got it dec 20, dec 23 was the new law date. So I was last bunch local pd sent to courts. they now handle in house. PD received it today from courts.
  5. Utah on top of my NJ.....look at the size difference!!!!
  6. No court order for me. Unrestricted, no guns printed on it....nothing.
  7. Awesome.....now I need a new wallet, bc it wont fit in the one i have, even if i trim
  8. Finally!!! 128days total Handed in Sept 19, got to courts Dec 20, Recvd today from PD. (CamdenCo)
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