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  1. Is NJ really accepting out of state applications or is it really lip service and they don’t approve them in reality?
  2. The problem isn’t his vote. It’s his authorship and cheerleading of the bill.
  3. There are a lot judges who disagree with the interpretation of the 2nd amendment. Some still think it’s a a collective right as opposed to an individual right. The important thing is that it’s not what SCOTUS said , and they have to overlook their belief and follow the court decision.
  4. Hopefully enough district judges and appeal courts knock this nonsense down quick and see it as more than a 2nd admendment case but what it really is. An attack on the courts .
  5. Looks like I’m going to have to get that umbrella policy
  6. Just to add. Try to get self defense liability insurance in NJ or NY. They have chased the insurance companies that do it out .If that is a requirement in the law, it’s another point to get it thrown out.
  7. It will backfire. Cuomo did the same thing with the NY SAFE when he was on the short list to run in 2016. The gun control thing doesn’t work in the south and other places.
  8. This TRO was issued by another judge in a different federal district . New York is covered by more than one federal district . This TRO is still in effect as of last night ( I didn’t check this morning yet). This is the third district judge to rule parts of the New York law as unconstitutional.
  9. New York’s law that is similar to this bill just got smacked down with a ruling by a federal judge in the western district . Is the 2nd circuit going to overrule this, probably but that’s three judges calling this law unconstitutional. That puts pressure on the 2nd.
  10. It’s typical. If they want any influence, they can’t buck the leadership. And pro-gun democrats in politics are as rare as hen’s teeth now.
  11. Like what happened in New York? Police officers, active peace officers and retired police are exempt but retired peace officers are not. And a savvy politician would not because it would be a news story how they screwed up not allowing police officers to be exempt. And they are not creating two classes of citizens. That already exists both at the NJ state level and on the federal level. But that is after giving years of service. Veterans get benefits that mere citizens don’t also. I made a choice to work in a profession that my gun rights would be recognized when I retired. I would have taken a different profession if they weren’t . This is not to say others shouldn’t have their rights recognized too.
  12. I stand corrected. Sort of. You are correct . But if you are a member of a large union , that the upper union leadership don’t necessarily represent the views of some or even most of their members. And I only saw white faces up there. I doubt these particular union leaders truly understand what it’s like to be a cop and live in these urban neighborhoods. However, it doesn’t really matter because they got the exemption for their members. That’s is their job . Like a lawyer, their responsibility is solely to their client and not other people’s clients. They were kissing butt to get it and is not necessarily what their members believe .
  13. Me for one. I hope it was recorded and available on YouTube later
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