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  1. I think there are really good lists here that have been posted. When I was building mine, I wanted all quality items and that would be expensive so I set off on Ebay purchases, I had to bid on everything for the most part 6 or 8 different auctions, but I have really good items that were much cheaper than cheap items are new. First item was a good weight distributing backpack. New $185.00 Ebay used in good shape $23.00 shipped. An so on. It took 4 months to get everything, but it gives you time to think about what you need.
  2. You are correct, they are pricey. I have admired their shotguns for 25 plus years, and I am still trying to replace the money by parting with a lot of my 35-year collection. If that doesnt work out I may have to part with a kidney, but it is amazing to shoot, and I am gonna do my best to wear it out.
  3. I recently bought a Kolar Sporting shotgun with Regal engraving and a F1 stock. Made in America, Racine Wisconsin to be exact. A great company with extraordinary customer service. If you have a few extra minutes this factory tour video is well worth the time Visit of the Kolar Arms factory with Sean Mainland, director of operations, sales and marketing - Bing video
  4. I have used Silvertowne out of Indiana. They have their own 1 oz. bars and rounds along with all of the other coins mentioned. They have been reputable. I think their prices are a little closer to spot than others and you can also find bars from other companies as well on their website. I buy the bars and rounds, keep them in their plastic cases. I have bought a few coins on the site that correspond with my Grandkids birth years but prefer to 1 oz. bars. I would also say that having a couple of 223/5.56 rifles in the box will make some good money through your FFL when talk of bans hit the news. in 2013 I personally know of at least 6 Jersey Legal rifles that sold for over 2K. Although there wasn't a nationwide shortage Jersey legal models were a huge premium.
  5. I have 2 Liberty safes. They are good quality and Liberty has different levels of fire ratings as well as paint and finishes. After liberty there is a massive jump in price to thicker and stronger steel. I have looked at the Tractor Supply safes and know a friend who owns one, not bad safes but not the quality of Liberty. Given some time and the right tools all of them can be broken into or more likely breached through the side steel. They are a necessity to keep your guns safe and out of the hands of kids, they will stop most robberies of opportunity Another thing to know is that for any gun safes they do not hold as many guns as they advertise. A 20-gun safe might hold 14-16 long guns.
  6. Hi I am a new member from Monmouth County. I joined to look around a little and see what the forums were like. I spend some time on Shotgun World and enjoy that but would like to get to know some more local shooters.
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