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  1. We are in the WRONG state. For example - this is the requirements for North Carolina. Seems more than reasonable: "In order to qualify to carry a hand gun concealed in North Carolina, you must hit a silhouette target from distances of 3, 5, and 7 yards (ten rounds each)." No firing from the knees, no 25 yards, no weak hand, nothing. What am I missing here???
  2. I also have an $1m umbrella policy - I expect that to suffice here in NJ.
  3. Hi 124gr9mm. I just sent an email query to the Judge’s court clerk asking the above. I’ll post what the result is, once I get a response. Thanks again.
  4. Hey 124gr9mm, that is the way I was taking it - I received mine from the Passaic County Court back in December, limiting me to the two firearms I qualified with. In my case, I do not have to carry my court order per the Judge, but he did state that any future changes must occur at the PD level. Not sure how I would get an order nullifying my limitation at the PD level…
  5. Another follow up that I am trying to corroborate. A staff at Reloaderz in Wayne NJ advised that the CCW now covers any firearms that you own, whether you previously qualified with another weapon or not. I did a quick search and could not find any laws or updates referring to this change. Does anyone have the citation where I can see this (if indeed it is true)? Personally, I would only CCW a firearm I qualified with - just in case and just my personal choice. Thanks to all…
  6. OK, here’s a follow up question for the group. I was told by somebody whom I trust, that the TRO is selectively enforced, or not enforced, depending on the municipality. Is it really the discretion of the municipal police department whether or not they are going to follow the law as written by Mr. Murphy vs. the instructions in the TRO? For example, the ability to carry in one’s own vehicle, versus removing any ammunition and magazines, and locking a firearm in the trunk and storing the ammunition in a separate locked container. Seeking an absolute here, not conjecture, as it might mean the difference between legal CCW versus a potential arrest for brandishing.
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